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I felt like we needed a thread to honor Mr. Floyd. A life taken too soon and far too tragically. I weep for Minneapolis. I spent a few years of my childhood in the Twin Cities and it's always been close to my heart. I love the culture, the music scenes, their sports teams.


So sad to see a city I consider my home away from home on fire.

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Very close to moving to the Twin Cities a few years ago. Absolutely adore the area. Such a tragic loss of life. I hope they charge, arrest, and successfully prosecute the other three officers involved in George Floyd’s death. Anything less than a successful prosecution will not be enough. This community suffered through enough with the acquittal of Philandro Castile’s killer. I am tired of hearing the “one bad apple” nonsense. That is utter bullshit. Time and time again, African-Americans are being murdered by people sworn to serve and protect. At what point during this officer’s 18 complaints against him does one have to realize, “Maybe this guy shouldn’t be in a position of power.” What is also bullshit that an African-American reporter from CNN and his crew were arrested (for no reason) before the officer who killed George Floyd. I have too many angry thoughts that I’m struggling to coherently put them together.

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