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Boston was Terrific

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Some thoughts on the show.

i have seen the babd spread out over 4 states in the last two decades.

This show is in my top 3 out of 22 shows


i would have to harken back to an Evening With Wilco to say those are my other 2 


the show took off like a rocket. The band was tight as usual although lose in terms of mood.


The pacing was great as was JT mood hell he even smiled … twice !!


Great tribute to Charlie Watts and well played I might add. 

Chargrilled that this is it until next year but still smiling at the memory of an outstanding performance. 

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29 minutes ago, roadhse ma said:

Thanks a lot 

9:30 start wow went to Fogerty last week there ( very good ) it ended at 10:20 

where do locate setlist ?

the website or somewhere else ?

Yes, it's on WilcoWorld. See where it says Info for the Philadelphia show? Click on Info for any of the past shows to get the setlist. 





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