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Anybody know this new one they've been playing? :P

Seriously though, can we talk about this song for a second? For all of eternity, I always thought the chords were a straight D-G-Gm throughout. But when I went to look it up for a refresher the other day, that middle G chord has come into question. Some tabs claim it's an Em, which sounds strange to me, but darned if it doesn't look like that's what Jeff plays in some videos (like this one). Could it just look like an Em because he's in drop D and thus not playing the low E string for that chord? Or is he playing something completely different there? It's also suggested that he varies that chord at different parts of the song, going to a diminished version.


I've also been struggling a little with the riff the throws in the verse during the D. It seems like 4-0-2-4-0 on the A string. It doesn't feel perfect, but it's the best I can come up with.


Can anyone shed some light on the chords and tab to this song?

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This is how I try to play it...  Its the acoustic version. Which may be different than the full band version fingering.

Tuning: Drop D
D 000232
Em 222000
Gm x5533x
G x20033
riff 1

From: https://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/tab/jeff-tweedy/a-shot-in-the-arm-chords-1746880


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