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any Deadheads looking for some new jams?

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literally, jams:



this Danish band is among the best of the current crop of guitar-based psych bands.. no vocals, just white heat. I'm currently listening to the reissue of Stundum, and it's another stunner. 


hope some people dig! the record label El Paraiso is chockful of similar goodies, check out Causa Sui as well while you're at it. The latest one (Szabodelico) sounds like they spent the summer surfing w/ Marc Ribot.

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3 hours ago, calvino said:

I hear a more early Pink Floyd feel, than the Dead. Interesting stuff.  Do/did they ever tour the states?

yeah i meant it more as a 'here's a band that jams the F out' rather than sounding a lot like the Dead, who have more blues/bluegrass and american folk tones in their songs (at least as far as i can tell, i am assuredly no expert on them). If you like that sort of thing, Earthless is another band worth your time and they are from California so they definitely tour the US.

I don't think any of those bands on the label has been over. I did get to see Mythic Sunship at Roadburn in 2019 and they are signed to Tee Pee over here now so maybe! I would love to see Colour Haze too. they had been booked for a Psycho years ago but never made it.

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