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Wilco Trivia Questions Needed

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Hello friends,

As some of you are aware, for the past two years I've hosted a Wilco podcast called Alpha Bravo Charlie. We analyze Wilco songs, in alphabetical order, twice a week. We've just finished recording the final song, and are about to record one last special episode to finish off the show. Earlier in the show I gave my co-host Jason an allegedly tough (according to Vince) Wilco themed pop quiz, and I'm planning on doing one more pop quiz for the final episode. I have 12 questions already but I thought it might be fun to get some questions from the community too! If you're interested, please submit to this thread. I'll credit you (either your handle or give me a real name if you'd prefer). Each question needs to have 4 potential answers. Obviously one needs to be true 😉

Here's a sampling of questions:


On the song Unlikely Japan, who plays the bass guitar?

A) Clint Elrond

b) Steve Patterson

C) John Stirratt

D) Chris Girard


Which country was Wilco the Album partly recorded in?

A) Australia

b) Canada

C) Sokovia

D) New Zealand


Where was Wilco’s final concert before the COVID-19 pandemic:

A) Sault Ste Marie, ON

b) Medicine Hat, AB

C) Winnipeg, MB

D) Regina, SK

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What earlier life experience started Glenn Kotche on his path to becoming Wilco's drummer?

1.) His time in the punk band Spit

2.) The 2 years he worked at a Wilco gas station

3.) His high school career in marching band

4.) Many cross-country trips by Greyhound bus as a child



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I love your podcast so I'll play. Here are some questions for your pop quiz:


Which of the following albums won a Grammy?

A) A Ghost Is Born

b) Mermaid Avenue

C) Yankee Hotel Foxtrot

D) Sky Blue Sky


Which artist has not performed an encore song with Wilco?

A) Jason Isbell

b) Fleet Foxes

C) Iron & Wine

D) Andrew Bird


Who wrote "Too Blue" with Jeff Tweedy for the 7 Worlds Collide: The Sun Came Out project?

A) Ed O'Brien

b) KT Tunstall

C) Johnny Marr

D) Neil Finn

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