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Hi all, how are we holding up out there in this climate changed world? I'm in southern California where it's Day 6 of some miserably toasty weather. Today was 108 F. Thank God for a/c but the need is so great that there's risk of the power grid failing. 

Even worse are the massive fires popping up with regularity. I pity the firefighters dealing with these in their heavy gear, risking heat exhaustion. It's ugly all around.

We water our garden plants early so they'll have a chance, but it's pretty hopeless. They are just baking out there. My red beans are nearly cooked when I pick them! We've taken to trying to shade what we can. All our cheap umbrellas are out in the garden. Here's one of my poor tomatoes.


How are the rest of you, and where are you located?


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In NJ, it hasn’t been outrageously hot, but it’s been outrageously dry.  Everything is dying.  We had a solid day of rain yesterday, but it was too late for a lot of plants.  My astilbe garden is dead.  It was fine until it wasn’t.  Everywhere you look, there are dead shrubs and trees.  I’ve never seen it this bad.

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