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Jeff Tweedy — 5 February 2023, Miami Beach, FL (North Beach Bandshell) [GroundUp Music Festival; Day 3 of 3]

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Just doing a bit of housekeeping, since I wasn't able to make it down to Miami for this one (though I am in Miami now as I'm doing this, lol). Anyway, Jeff played a solo acoustic set to headline the final day of the three-day GroundUp Music Festival, and I know that more than a few of the Florida-based, er, fanbase came out to watch. But since none have reported in here, I shall steal the setlist posted by the good folks at Wilcoworld and make the dutiful post. (Jeff also played a very short bonus set earlier in the day for folks who had apparently purchased a VIP or supplemental ticket of some sort that also included Gwendolyn and I Am Trying To Break Your Heart, among other songs.)


Here was the complete GroundUp festival setlist, as played (according to WIlcoworld):


I Am My Mother

Cruel Country


Let's Go Rain

Don't Forget

I Am Trying To Break Your Heart


Jesus, etc.

Childlike And Evergreen [now this would really be something if true, but I strongly suspect it was just Evergreen; can anyone verify?]

New Madrid

Hearts Hard To FInd

Passenger Side

We've Been Had

Family Ghost

Via Chicago [presumably with harmonica]


A Shot In The Arm

I'm The Man Who Loves You

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