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A visit from the other side...?

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A few nights ago I accompanied my wife Kristine to a psychic mediumship reading. I don’t honestly believe in any of it, but she does, and that’s what mattered. It took place in a restaurant with about 20 attendees and the psychic going from table to table.  

When the psychic gets to our table, instead of focusing on my wife, as I hoped she would, she turns to me and starts faux playing guitar. “I’m seeing a guitar player?” Playing her air guitar rather frantically, she continues that he passed too early from some sort of drugs, but it wasn’t his fault. That description fit no one I knew personally, however someone I made a movie about comes to mind...but I say nothing.  

She continues that he wants to thank me for what I did. And she’s saluting me now. Going between the guitar playing and saluting me. I mentioned how I made a film about someone who fit that description, but never met him. She explained she had an author who was writing a book about someone from 300 years ago, and that was the person who appeared to her. She then mentions New York, that I have a New York connection with this person. Now, with only one exception, New York was where we saw every Wilco show with Bennett. And Kris and I on the drive over had been talking about the YHF show in New York in April, and the tribute Jeff paid to Jay. The psychic keeps saying that this guitarist wanted to thank me, that I did a great job, and salute me for what I did. And it ended there.

So, despite being a skeptic, I’m going to go with Jay Bennett thanking me from beyond the grave for righting the wrongs of I Am Trying To Break Your Heart, and making it right with Where are you, Jay Bennett?

It could be real, it could be all nonsense. I’m still a non-believer, but then I don’t believe in coincidences either. It all certainly left me thinking...

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