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Wilco — 20 October 2023, Salt Lake City, UT (Eccles Theater)

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Just doing the requisite housekeeping since I had to jump off the tour for a few days and wasn’t able to make it to SLC this time. Anybody who did make it, please chime in with any details.


According to the good folks at Wilcoworld, here was the complete setlist as played (obviously can’t say if there were any changes/omissions from the printed list):


Infinite Surprise


Handshake Drugs

I Am My Mother

Cruel Country

I Am Trying To Break Your Heart

Soldier Child

Side With The Seeds




Bird Without A Tail/Base Of My Skull

Impossible Germany


Jesus, etc.

Meant To Be

The Late Greats

Heavy Metal Drummer

A Shot In The Arm


Falling Apart (Right Now)

California Stars

Spiders (Kidsmoke)

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Thanks Paul!

I was wondering when someone would begin the debrief on this mellow, but ultimately enjoyable evening.   Alas, any evening with Wilco is better than one without.  


I've been lucky enough to have multiple decades of live Wilco in my history, and this was certainly one of the most reserved crowds (and venues) I've ever attended.  The number of people sitting outnumbered those standing (and certainly dancing), and the ushers, while kind, were determined to keep people's extremities from dancing outside of their assigned seats. 

 I wanted so desperately for SLC to debunk any stereotypes one may have about this city of pioneers, but alas, the vibe of the evening seemed to confirm one's assumptions.  The Eccles is a beautiful theater--clean, tidy, aesthetically pleasing, and tight--and so was its audience.


10 out of the 22 songs played were from Cousin & Cruel Country and predictably, most people sat through the new material and stood and swayed during the older, more familiar tunes.  It was hard to get a read on how the band was feeling the crowd, but about two thirds of the way into the show, Jeff jokingly(?) informed the crowd that they were playing their last of the new songs and thanked everyone for tolerating them.  :(


Most memorable from Banter Corner was Jeff's request for the crowd to sing-along with a cheeky encouragement/reference that "this is a city that loves big group sing alongs?" (hello Mormon Tabernacle Choir).  And sing along they did!


Again, any evening with Wilco is better than one without.  I'm curious to know how other's experiences were?


Viva Mexico!





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I sat in Tier 2 of the balcony and from where I sat the packed show exhibited lots of energy.


Its always tougher to stand and dance when you have a venue with actual seats, but I thought the crowd energy was solid and the band acknowledged it a few times. The singalong during Spiders was definitely awesome to experience in person having attended a half dozen shows now.


I did notice Jeff's voice having some difficulty during Spiders where he was speaking the lyrics not singing them. That was the only sign of any issue that seems to have carried over to Denver's show.


MtnMama captured the banter highlights from the evening - it was pretty funny to hear Jeff allude to the MTC. He also mentioned early in the show that he was going to keep the chat to a minimum. 


I thought the new album sounded great even as I was hoping to hear how Sunlight Ends sounds live.


Nels' guitar work during Impossible Germany was very unique - I wish I could describe the style because it was very different from every time I have heard it played live. That is the beauty and glory of his playing, though.


I thought Bird Without A Tail/Base of My Skull was the most interesting song - not having heard it performed live before, the extended jams during that song were a sight to behold. Watching them perform as a group had me in awe as always.


I counted 14 or 15 Nothings during Misunderstood - the crowd definitely appreciated hearing that as well as A Shot In The Arm later on.


I was bummed that Boise was left off the tour schedule again but very happy I traveled down to SLC for the show.  A beautiful night in a beautiful venue in a beautiful city.


Wilco is an amazing band, in the studio and on stage, and I hope they will continue to perform for many years to come.



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