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Hello, Out of curiosity, do you listen to your favorite music on what type of equipment? Streamers? CD player ? Vinyls? Tapes?
Personally  on vintage Thorens TD150 turntable or a HifiBerry DAC coupled with a Sansui 771 receiver, a pair of 70's Kef cadenza speakers. I don't have a CD player but a Revox tape recorder for listening sbd show. All my wilco records are on lp or Flac .

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most of my listening is either via LP or digital streaming; i do have a CD player but my CDs are in the basement and I rarely retrieve any as I have everything ripped to digital and can playback via Plex.

specs on my stereo:

Adcom pre-amp and amp (200 wpc), both purchased new in the early 90s.
turntable is a fully manual Rotel w/ Sumiko blue point II cartridge

stream is Cambridge Audio  

speakers are Paradigm Studio 60s

CD player is some generic Pioneer single disc player

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