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  1. Hello, Out of curiosity, do you listen to your favorite music on what type of equipment? Streamers? CD player ? Vinyls? Tapes? Personally on vintage Thorens TD150 turntable or a HifiBerry DAC coupled with a Sansui 771 receiver, a pair of 70's Kef cadenza speakers. I don't have a CD player but a Revox tape recorder for listening sbd show. All my wilco records are on lp or Flac .
  2. Mogwai Belle & Sebastien Tindersticks The Smiths The Jam/Paul Weller Spacemen 3/Sonic Boom/Spectrum Joy Division/New Order Crass Baxter Dury The Beatles
  3. Battles : Gloss Drop Mogwai : Hardcore Will Never Die But You Will Josh T Pearson : Last Of The Country Gentlemen Thurston Moore : Demolished Thoughts Ok that's not an album but Big ' N : Spare The Horses
  4. Killer surfing noise from NYC Our band could be Your Life?
  5. Equally : Wilco, Fugazi, Sonic Youth, Mogwai, Pavement and Slint
  6. Bien sur que je signe la pétition...J'ai déjà vue Wilco une fois à Paris...inoubliable... et pour quoi pas pendant la route du rock cet été à St Malo?
  7. Shane meadows films : This is England Sommers Town Dead man shoes Guy E Debord films and all the IS fims
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