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New Jeff Tweedy Solo Album

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Pulled from Reddit, which pulled from Substack. 


New Jeff solo album!

For those who missed it, Jeff wrote on the Substack today, "Later this winter, I'm going to make a record with Spencer and Sammy and the Tweedy band. A solo record. I've been working on material for that..."  

And then he shared a first draft of a tune, called "New Orleans,  but admitted it might change completely and might not be on the solo album at all. The tune itself is a very pretty one, super mellow, with lyrics including, "I'd trade all four limbs for a parade in New Orleans..." I'm looking forward to seeing how it develops!

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Okay, call me crazy. For ages what I wanted was down home, simple Tweedy solo stuff and abstract experimental Wilco stuff. But whaaaaat if right now with the W boys crushing Cruel Country (stronger than Live Is the King imho) we need the Tweedy family to do some more "Diamond Light" type stuff. Let Sammy go off in the deep end of analog synthesis. Spencer's been doing the chill, deep country rock groove stuff with Katie Crutchfield maybe he can show off the other half of his chops.


Whatever we get, I'm sure I'll enjoy it.

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