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  1. partyroy

    Wilco Vinyl

    I got Son Volts 1st three albums all for a total of $80 on ebay. The listing was kinda funny and it was hard to make sure Trace was included. It has a annoying, unfixable scratch near the end of "Tear Stained Eye" but I was happy for that steal. Still have that extra copy of WST to dump... anyone?? Very excited to get "Summerteeth" and maybe MA 2. Too bad it is doubtful that "All Over the Place" will ever become more available...
  2. The Hilltops album is great, both John and Cary have some nice songs on there! I bought mine direct from Laurie in Detroit back in 2000.
  3. Somewhat related, my YHF vinyl was delivered today - laying in the snow on my driveway with tire tracks where my mailman backed over it. I guess he is getting sick of records and books needing to be dropped off in my garage almost daily. Thankfully, someone was looking out for me because other than all the set packaging, the records themselves survived. And will all you damn people stop barely outbidding me on every AM vinyl and the March/Still Feel Gone vinyls that appear on ebay!?!? Let me pick up Love Is Hell as well... I know there was an orange vinyl version of No Depression as well
  4. I was up front and center in the black Gram Parsons shirt. My ears took some serious damage - I brought earplugs but no one else around me had any so I didn't want to appear a pussy... really, really loud up there. It took about 2/3 of the set before Dando seemed to be into the show at all but it was pretty solid. I knew it would be a short show - his shows always are. The only disappointing thing to me was that he didn't play any pre-Ray material and the fact that he looked painfully thin and not nearly as healthy as he did when I saw him in 2001. His guitar style is pretty primitive but sti
  5. Just got my ticket at 4pm on Friday so there are at least a few tickets left...
  6. I meant to get my ticket today but was thrown off by how much something else cost me (Christmas gifts suck) and I totally forget to stop by ticketbastard and get one. Now I gotta go back to Saginaw on Thursday to get one. It better not sell out by then or I'll be pissed as hell. Alvarez and Stevenson are playing with him on this tour... I stole this from the myspace blog but didn't include the tour dates portion... Winter U.S. Tour - with Bill Stevenson & Karl Alvarez The Lemonheads have announced plans for a winter tour of the U.S. The tour, which begins November 30th in San
  7. Just the obligatory ubiquitous note to see if anyone else is going to see The Lemonheads in Ann Arbor...
  8. I'm quite used to Saginaw losing to the dogs, we have had more GM's and coaches in the last 5 years than you have had in the last 25 I bet. Our ownership and upper management has their hands on everything and can't leave anything alone. Every time they draft or sign a player the owner has quotes about the player in the paper - he owns car dealerships, his opinion on a player shouldn't mean jack shit, but he always has his hands on everything. At least Tlusty is gone, every time we played against him he'd have like 5 points it seemed... Juice didn't look so hot for once, though, but Perron wa
  9. I'm off, I'll be wandering around looking lost and stupid. Gourds shirt, Saginaw hockey hat, red. Have fun at the show and maybe I'll see you 'round.
  10. Hey!! I resemble that statement - though I generally don't go to games or Ann Arbor...
  11. I'm not bothering to tape, I am assuming the Detroit crew who have the onstage mics mixed with the soundboard feed are going to be there doing their thing - at least they've done all the Ryan shows within reasonable distance from Detroit. Ryan is certainly allowing, if not promoting, the taping of his shows. The multiple patches mentioned above, audience ambiance being fed through the mix, and the instant appearance of virtually all of the shows appearing on the live music archive all point to Ryan continuing to cater to the tapers. I think I'm going into town early to assure that I don't
  12. I was lucky enough to get a 4th row seat on the right, just was wondering if anyone else 'round here was going as well...
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