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  1. anyone got a tab for message from mid-bar?
  2. Ok, I've listened to the album about 100 times. I love it. Impossible to rank against other albums, in my opinion, but I really dig it. But I have some issues. First of all, I am NOT digging Nels on Either Way. Very smooth jazz. Don't like it at all. In fact, I think by far the best guitar moment on the album is Jeff's solo on "You Are My Face." That's rock music people. Nels drives me nuts some times--he plays too many notes, and adds that smooth jazz/fusion type thing that I don't dig with my rock music. Also, Side with the Seeds is a great fucking song. But it has a bit of a
  3. I would be eternally grateful for a PM as well. at least because I have a clever username. thanks.
  4. anyone got an mp3 of sky blue sky they wouldn't mind PMing to me? thx.
  5. anyone have an MP3 of this tune?
  6. I think this is the best song they've written in a while. It's fuckin amazing.
  7. This song was played to finish the first encore last night in E. Lansing. It was unreal, really rockin. If anyone has an mp3, this is the place to put it.
  8. I have yet to find a chinese apple tab that sounds decent. I can manage to do the verses in Drop D tuning, but I'm really lost on the bridge (am I waiting for/the uncovering...). Any help? I've seen the other chinese apple one posted, and it really doesn't work. Thanks!
  9. anyone have a tab out there for jeff's solo version of spiders?? I'm pretty sure it's not in E. also, I'd like a tab for the solo version of laminated cat (aka not for seasons). When I play it, I just use E, A and B7. am I missing something? thanks muzzleofpeas
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