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  1. I guess I'll field this one! First off, here's the recording of Walken from Lollapalooza, with horns of course. Hope you enjoy. Wilco - Walken (2006-08-06 Lollapalooza) 6 MB http://www.sendspace.com/file/9smkmk Second, to the best of my knowledge, the songs that have been performed live with horns to date are Misunderstood, Monday, California Stars, I'm The Man Who Loves You, and after this summer, Walken. If it were, uh, up to me, I'd want to see them on Is That The Thanks I Get, along with a major Pieholden Suite comeback. As for the studio recording, who knows? I definitely
  2. Full show is now posted on VC tracker at http://bt.viachicago.org/details.php?id=605.
  3. Full show is now posted on VC tracker at http://bt.viachicago.org/details.php?id=605.
  4. Thanks for putting the link in here! Forgot that minor detail.
  5. Hey folks - Here's the long-awaited recording of the new song Let's Not Get Carried Away, taped by Jon Ice. Until I can get his permission to convert, I'm going to spread it in lossless format, but hopefully that'll change some time tomorrow. Thanks so much to Jon for his quick turnaround. EDIT: Luckily he doesn't mind. Here's an mp3 link, in addition to the FLAC. EDIT 2: Now with the official title! The mp3 is still called wreck myself, so don't get confused. Wilco - Let's Not Get Carried Away (2006-10-08) mp3 http://www.sendspace.com/file/l9tkpt Permalink thanks to gurghi: http:
  6. Read the article this morning, and later checked my e-mail to find a message from this guy. Seems like a cool character. Made me hungry for some ice cream, but luckily I remembered I had some free Cherry Garcia in the freezer. Nothing better than free ice cream.
  7. Never mind, I found the files. Here's the AUD souce: http://bt.viachicago.org/details.php?id=589
  8. An audio rip of that DVD is now available on the Via Chicago BT Tracker here: http://bt.viachicago.org/details.php?id=587 There was an audience source posted there as well a few weeks ago, but it appears to have been taken down. I don't have the files myself, but perhaps someone can reseed. Lollapalooza sets from Stars, deadboy & the Elephantmen, Editors, and The Hold Steady, in addtion to partial sets from Broken Social Scene, Iron & Wine, Sleater-Kinney, Andrew Bird, and the Go! Team are now available in the iTunes Music Store. More might be coming. After a month in the iT
  9. It's Ken Sumka, a DJ at WXRT. And the story behind the pic: "I can't remember if it was Jay of Jeff that mentioned how tall I was but they squatted down to accentuate the point. Unfortunately this is the only picture I got with just me and them, a normal one would've been cool."
  10. with pronto (mikael's new band) on the 16th, smog on the 17th, and glenn/nels on the 18th, it's shaping up to be a very interesting weekend in the city. might have to check it out.
  11. The show is up on the dime. I can't download it right now or I'd put it up on the VC tracker, but I'm sure someone else will.
  12. It all really comes down to the fine musicians in Wilco being among the most humble, down-to-earth rock stars you'll ever meet. The Brown Concert Agency booked the band for our Spring Weekend concerts this April, and I had some of their horn charts lying around that I'd transcribed for a band that I fronted in high school. I figured there was no reason why we shouldn't be playing with Wilco at the show, and fortunately enough, they agreed. They liked us enough to bring us down to Jersey the next night, and when we told them we could be in Chicago for Lollapalooza, they were game. Just the f
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