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  1. why don't you use "war on war"? OR almost anything of Dylan's album "the times they are-a changin'"
  2. hahahaha. I love FG or Simpsons quotes used in perfect context. well played
  3. at about 1:30 into "you are my face" I feel it becomes very remincisent of "southern man" during the instrumental break...
  4. does anyone have let's not get carried away that they could share?
  5. hahaha are you suprised? Pitchfork always trashes anything remtoely main stream. they are so holier than thou
  6. the days are closing in now. soon we can indulge!!!
  7. None of my friends can believe I've held out since they all caved. But I got tons of other new music to keep me busy. I like waiting for something when I know the pay off is gonna be great, the anticipation makes it even better...I just love having the entire CD with booklet with me when I listen to it for the first time (increased by a group gathering/listening)
  8. now that the time is drawing upon us who here has still held out? only about a week or so to go...
  9. someone should make a section on the wilco wikipedia site for songs recorded for each album that did not make the final release....
  10. my friends and are actually seriously convinced that jeff and neil young are actually werewolves.
  11. I agree but would switch March and Anodyne: March>Anodyne>ND>SFG March and Anodyne are so goddamn close though, it's a hard decision to make.
  12. "The Inlaw Josie Wales" - Phish "Be Careful with that Axe, Eugene" - Pink Floyd
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