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  1. I just paid $68 total for 4 lawn seats at Deer Creek. Awesome early bird deal
  2. Yep, new ones on May 4, 11, 18 and then the 2 hours final on Sunday the 23rd
  3. I don't even like Radiohead but I visit that site way too often. I think The National thread was up to 200 pages before it even leaked
  4. Yes Band of Horses, The National, Josh Ritter, The Hold Steady, and The New Pornographers all have leaked in the past few days
  5. I'm in the same boat. I've only given Infinate Arms 1 spin so far, so not sure where it will fit in, but doesn't hit me like Everything did first time I heard it
  6. Just to piggy back off what everyone else was saying, having someone there to help is a must at least the first few days. When I left the hospital I was walking and feeling pretty decent, and thought I could stay at my apartment (second floor, no lift), but my in-laws made me stay with them. Good call, because I guess I was just very well drugged when I left the hospital. By that night I was pretty immobile and in pain
  7. Yep, still in Bloomington, and enjoying the warm weather. I had it done in Michigan a few months before I moved to Bloomington, and two months before my wedding. I was really sore for a few days (I remember just downing pain pills and watching college basketball for like 2 days), and generally sore for two weeks or so. But with my surgery it was like a 4 inch scar, so I have to think your recovery time would be a lot better since they know what they are doing going in. They told even told me as much after surgery. I think I was back to work within a week or so, having a desk job helped. I k
  8. I had this done several years ago. They had actually ruled out a hernia and told me it might be cancer so they would have to do exploratory surgery, and of course once they were in there realized it was only a hernia. I assume because I had exploratory surgery and a pretty big scar that my recovery time was longer than with a more exact procedure, but I was pretty well laid up for 2 weeks. It’s been 8 years though, and not a problem since. Best of luck, hope it's not too painful and you recovery quickly.
  9. Richard told Sun last season (just a few days in Lost time) when she showed them a picture of the 77 Dharma group with Jack, Kate, Hurley, etc that he knew them back then and that he saw them die
  10. It's the best way to watch it actually. Although a more sober second watching over the weekend can help
  11. I was thinking that perhaps it was what they were drilling into that caused them to pushed back into 2007 more than the bomb. Remember this is the same place that Desmond was at the end or season 2/start of season 3 when he turned the key and became unstuck in time. It was a different sort of time travel perhaps but that hatch was blown to shit and he was fine. The other thing is that although the Island sank it seemed pretty intact when they did that shot from the airplane to the bottom of the ocean (those FX's were horrible btw). Perhaps the bomb didn't even go off and whatever sent them for
  12. When they first got to the temple Cindy mentioned they were from the first plane. I would assume they took that to mean the second place, the one they had been on, landed on the island sans them.
  13. I've only caught bits and pieces of Parks and Rec (we watch the other 3 shows on during that NBC block), but I saw they drink Upland beer on the show which is pretty cool. Maybe I need to get myself a growler and watch it one of these nights
  14. As a Charger fan I don't know if I've enjoyed their season more or Cutler's more. That said I've always had a soft spot in my heart for the Bears and all things Chicago, and wouldn't have wished Cutler on them in the first place.
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