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  1. Trying to get tix for my Dad and best friend. Any help much appreciated.
  2. Thanks Atticus but that comment does not help. I'm not complaining that it's not up, just showing my enthusiasm for the show. Will you let me know when you find it?
  3. I am utterly amazed that they finished the tour with this setlist. My best friend is completely into the Dead and has become a Wilco fan over the past year. This is sure to blow his mind as it has mine. I would love to grab a recording of this show yet I have not found it on etree or Dime. Does anyone know if a recording is up yet?
  4. i have a mission for all VC'ers out there... this version of this great song is a favorite of mine but it is a mystery who covers it. Please any help. And, no it is not Oasis!!!!!
  5. Very cool, I was not aware of a clavinet before your post. Do you know if Jay used it on other songs?
  6. Okay, so everyone seems to enjoy the current version, in particular the Ashes one, but does anyone like the no-holes barred, wa-wa pedal, story telling, "city maps and handclaps" (take a moment to do it), 10 minute rock anthem version? I will say that i love the recklessness of the earlier versions.
  7. Beautiful people, thank you. The Wilco cover of Ripple with Phil is not very good, although I do love Phil after the song when he says, "Wilco, ladies and gentleman", he sounds like such a goof. I love Hippo's suggestion. Just the thought blows my mind. What about an encore? It would have to be a Wilco type encore with six or seven songs. I'm thinking something like: 1. Red, Eyed and Blue > I Got You > Bertha > Greatest Story Ever Told 2. The Mighty Quinn 3. Kingpin (late 90's version) > Goin Down the Road > ELT > Outta Site
  8. I have a buddy who is an adamant Grateful Dead fan and is somewhat new to Wilco. I was thinking of putting together a compilation of live songs both Grateful Dead and Wilco. I'm curious to see what you guys think. I would love to put together a setlist of great live versions of each band's best songs. If anyone has a specific show that showed a great version of the songs that would be fantastic. This is what I've got so far. 1. Someday Soon 2-18-97 2. Me and My Uncle 12-11-69 3. Forget the Flowers 2-15-97 4. Promised Land 3-28-73
  9. I go through a process when listening to a new Wilco album: I first listen to it on nice surround sound speakers in a small room. Then I listen to it while driving around. Finally, and this is the kicker, I listen to it straight through with headphones on and no distractions. With that said, I am in love with this album. Intricacies in every song, the baroque style drums in deeper down, the hypnotic spiders keys in Bull Black Nova. Tweedy's best songwriting and singing in a long time. It is a happy, loving album and I, for one, am happy and in love with this album.
  10. willstafa24


    I want my Kingpin back please. I miss it so much. I want my ten minute song back. I want the wa wa pedal back. I want to be a big wig. I want to hear stories of hippies with dogs and dogs with hippies. I want a guitar solo where Nels ignores the other members of the band and just jams out. I want to be your, Kinping, Baby!!!!!!! From now on any Wilco show that I download with the current version of Kingpin on it will be replaced with a 1997-1999 version. Who's with me? Video removed http://forums.viachicago.org/index.php?showtopic=38190
  11. Yeah, that would be cool. I did get a little ahead of myself, however, wilcobase does have the band playing those three songs during three shows towards the end of the '03 run. They're not in order but it seems as close as it's going to get. One of those shows, 6-28-03 from Penn's Landing in Philly is one of my favorite Wilco shows. (Could be what spurred this topic on for me)
  12. This song has always blown me away, whether it is Tweedy playing it solo, Wilco themselves or with Loose Fur. Hell The Minus 5 even played it. The one group that hasn't played it is the current lineup, and with the way the band has been playing their entire catalog lately I am surprised that they haven't even attempted this song. It's time for Tweedy and Co. to start giving me a thirty minute At least that's... > Laminated Cat > Spiders so that my mind can be fully blown.
  13. Glad to hear it has more of a groove. The studio version was too choppy. Every time I start banging my hands on the steering wheel in anticipation of an intense build-up, the rhythm stops and kills the momentum. I do, however, believe that Wilco will change the song for the better.
  14. Awesome! Thanks for the setlist. I'm curious to see what they've done to make shake it off a better song. I've always felt that song could be a barn-burner live. Hopefully a torrent will pop up at some point.
  15. If you could make your own ultimate wilco setlist for the band to play what would it be? Mine: 1. Someday Soon 2. Forget the Flowers 3. Summerteeth 4. Shouldn't be Ashamed 5. War on War 6. Company in my Back 7. You are My Face 8. Pot Kettle Black 9. Impossible Germany 10. How to Fight Loneliness> 11. Not for the Season 12. Poor Places> 13. Reservations> 14. Side with the Seeds 15. ITMWLY (Must have Horns) 16. Handshake Drugs (Early version, circa 2003) Encore 1: 17. Kingpin (circa 1997 version) 18. Red Eyed and Blue> 19. I Got You> 20. Someone Elses Song 21. California
  16. Still praying and hoping for tix. Please Please someone help a brotha out. yokozuna24@hotmail.com Thanks!!
  17. It's crazy to read all these thoughts: the favorite songs lyrically, the favorite lines, favorite album for lyrics, opinions on Jeff, people's opinions. I brought this topic up because I go way back to Uncle Tupelo and I've seen an evolution in lyrics from each album. I am twenty-four but my father loves Uncle Tupelo as well as Wilco and Son Volt. He even likes The Bottle Rockets! So, I started listening to "A.M.", "Trace" and "No Depression" at the same time in 1995. I instantly fell in love with all of them. As a result, I have listened to all the Wilco albums throughout the bands tre
  18. Well, I have read the Rolling Stone review, and it reads, "After a hundred listens or so, you start to notice that even the lyrics, not always a Wilco specialty, are pretty excellent", which I know is some form of a complement, but is actually an insult in the fact that a "hundred" listens is what it needs to appreciate the lyrics. I'm sure that most of these critics are saying that relative to the music the lyrics are "sub-par" but to the common reader the interpretation is that Wilco's lyrics are not a strong suit, and I really dislike this style.
  19. I've read a great deal of reviews of Wilco as a band over the years and have noticed that a bunch of reviewers have said that Tweedy's lyrics are not one of the band's strong suits. I wonder about these opinions because I happen to think that it is actually a Tweedy strong suit. I think we all know that Tweedy does not feel entirely comfortable performing solos by himself (a reason why a guitar player like Nels is in the band), so, as a result, Tweedy spends a good amount of time writing lyrics. I have always felt that Wilco has had fantastic lyrics; words that aren't so straight-forward:
  20. I was just listening to the 9-30-04 show from Burlington, VT I attended and I finally came across the last song which just so happened to be "not so fearful". I got to thinking that Tweedy really respects Bill Fay and, subsequently so do I, yet I've never heard Fay's version. This may be a reach but I was wondering if anyone has or knows where I can get a copy of Bill Fay's original version of "Be not so fearful"?
  21. Ha, sorry, I omitted the "not" in that sentence. Hope that clears up my point.
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