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  1. overall I think U2 tickets have not sold out as fast as they expected. TOO EXPENSIVE. You can still get great seats in LA San Jose and Arizona. They lowered prices on same tickets in NYC for new 2 shows. 118 bucks for same seat that 300 bucks bought for the first 4. The resell market for tickets on TM is ridiculous. Everyone I know that joined fan club before 2nd presale were able to nail down GA. Having a residency vs touring entire country should have made tour cost cheaper and would been nice to have prices reflect that. When Zoo TV arena tour went on sale they sold out in minutes all ove
  2. if they do DC next year they would announce around same time as this year and your membership is only good for one year. Not sure they ever given fanclub member more then one code per year. I would grab this year if possible as next year might not happen with slow sales overall. They had planned 4 more shows for MSG and are only doing 2 at the moment. Good luck.
  3. I will be looking for this show on Roadcase. Almost as good as Raleigh set list...... And horns to boot..... Sounds like the boys are really enjoying the hometown love..... I would have dropped my Jaw and Smile after that show!!!!!! Keep it up and wow......
  4. yea not bad as two sections over in 226 row 11 is 300 bucks and still available. hope there is not an obstructed view from corners? Maybe the screens they will use? But in the door for 85 and you can always upgrade your seat!!! Congrats will you get the Innocence setlist or the experience?
  5. Checking tickets the only deal in u2 was the floor GA for about 80 bucks. I am sure most fan club members were able to get those but not general public. If you check now on TM there are still singles for most shows. They are getting close to 300 for seats lower level club level and upper level with a few end sections for 120 ish and the cheap seats are on both far ends upper deck. There was less then 500 cheap seats for each venue. Stage will be center on floor. The VIP seats are going for 500 and red zone might be 600. I use to be long time fan club member but could no longer afford 40 bu
  6. listening to the etree radio torrent now. Nice sound great show. My daughter attended and has seen Wilco 3-4 times. Said she enjoyed but with so many songs she was not familiar with made show not as good for her. I explained she got quite a treat or rarities and never played songs !!!!! She would have enjoyed night one by looking at setlist. This show just didn't have her favorite tunes. They were in balcony with great sight lines to band etc. and sound was great as light show. Overall she was glad she went and over time will come to appreciate something unique that most bands will neve
  7. Jeff mentioned in Raleigh how when someone pulled out Ipad and began to take pictures in Nashville and that it no longer felt like a concert. Too bad the don't play the Pre recorded message used on EVENING WITH WILCO tour which stated no recording or phones to be used. Guess it sounded bitchy but at least it made folks more self conscious not to do that all night. Jeff is mellowing with age!!!! But I do feel phones are used too much and interferes with the connection one has to the music.
  8. heads up for all as part of tonights show will be broadcasted on Chicago Radio Then get a taste for what's to come this summer by tuning in to hear the band live on XRT tomorrow at 9pm CT from Chicago's Riveria Theatre. This will be night two of Wilco's 6 Winterlude shows, a residency that is part of XRT's Concert for Kids series. Those attending the shows, we encourage you to bring a toy or book to donate to Chicago area children's hospitals. Will be interesting if they play any of the same songs back to back. viva Chicago and California Stars Handshake drugs all on first night!!!! Enjoy I
  9. Nels Cline gets a credit line on The Ghost of A Saber Tooth Tigers Midnight Sun. Guess Sean played with him and Yoko on a few albums. Sean plays most of the instruments with Kemp Muhl and will be in Florida in February with Flaming Lips I saw them open for Beck this summer and was very impressed. http://theghostofasabertoothtiger.com/
  10. Rolling stone reports Bono injuries were pretty serious. Fracture in face, collar bone and arm as well as his pinky on other arm. Seems he tried to avoid another biker before crashing. I wonder if that biker stopped to help and how he felt if by chance he was a U2 fan. Hope Bono can heal quickly but I would say it will be 6-8 weeks of recovery. Dr says he expects full recovery which is great!!!!
  11. bono broke his arm so cancelled fallon. Riding a bike in central park is dangerous. So not sure if they will make the acoustic show or not. As far as tour I doubt new album will last in set list as it not being played much and I doubt folks want to hear it vs hits. THey will start tour playing new album but if they want to do stadiums again it will have to be a greatest hits tour. Them changing setlist every night would be a big change for them. most they been able to do is 3 song changes a night at most. Not sure how accomplished they are with playing songs with out rehearsing. But it was s
  12. Thanks and glad u enjoyed. I got to see one of her Landmine benefits where they just sat in circle jamming. Bruce Cockburn Steve Earle etc. She is a lovely lady and performer. Wish I could go to the evening of emmylou but tickets are pretty steep as well.
  13. Beck Morning Phase The Ghost of the Saber Tooth Tiger Midnight Sun Thom York Tomorrows Modern Boxes Jeff Tweedy Sukierae Gary Clark Jr Live St Vincent St Vincent
  14. How was Miss Emmylou? Seen her many times through the years. First time was when she opened for Willie Nelson and Jimmy Carter was in attendance. They are doing a special show for her in DC at DAR Constitution Hall in January with all the folks she has influenced and played with over the years. http://songsofemmylou.com/about.php would be a wonderful show to see IMO> Tickets are a little steep but I am sure will be worth while or wait to see it on DVD!
  15. on the back lower right side.
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