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  1. I'd really like this album!!! Can anyone pm a Libble invite or something please?
  2. "On another note, I'm wondering if Wilco might add a secret San Francisco show the night before, possibly at the Fillmore. When they played Coachella a few years back, they had a surprise show the night before at UC San Diego." How would we hear about the secret show? I like the idea that of secret of only fellow, awesome Wilco fans, but how would we find out? I highly doubted that wilco would pass through the Bay Area and not play a local show outside the festival, though for awhile now I've thought my initial assumption must be wrong but the idea of a secret show has given me new hope.
  3. the black hoodie that says "attack with love," is it sized for guys or girls? Sorry, this is a pretty random question that has nothing to do with music but I know that if anyone would own one and be able to answer my question, it would be you guys.
  4. 1212


    "if there's anyway someone could find/upload a video of wilco being interviewed on e!, i would be very thankful/entertained/weirded out." is that a no then? i doubt anyone taped it but it would love to see it.
  5. I guess it doesn't have to be The Replacements. Say your favorite line from any song.
  6. I have to pick a senior quote this year too! I like "I'll see you all again on your long journey to the middle." but I cant remember where in the movie that quote is. Tell me.
  7. 1212

    John Stirratt

    how do you say Stirratt? is it like stewart?
  8. how is the berkely greek theatre general admission? I thought there was only seats no floor... are the seats first come? that would be stressful
  9. can anyone PM me the new rufus wainwright, it would be greatly appreciated
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