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  1. Fuck yeah! Too bad I missed it. I went saturday only and was slightly disappointed at the whole thing. It was my first time too and I perfer Austin City Limits any day. Although, my highlight for the weekend (which may tell you how much I did not enjoy the bands on Saturday) was seeing Adam Goldberg and David Hasselhoff within 5 minutes of each other in the tent next to the stage. Goldberg is such a bad ass and, well, Hoff is the Hoff!! He was will three chicks half his age
  2. So how was Andrew Bird? Solid as usual? I've seen him a couple of times in the past 6 months and think he's great. He comes back to LA in December!
  3. Any extras for Santa Barbara? Thanks! Chris.norton@mac.com
  4. Hi everyone, Does anyone have ay extra's for the Greek in LA? Thanks Chris chris.norton@mac.com or christopher.norton@sdma.com
  5. And a lot nicer than any seat we can get off ticketmaster, that is for certain
  6. cool, thanks. I will give it a try
  7. Where do we find the pass word for the KCRW presale?
  8. Anyone get them? I was one and in the system right away and they were gone in that time...
  9. Is there a password for the music today presale's, specifically for the west coast tour? Thanks
  10. YES cannot wait!! Although, the Greek is not all that great considering the sound level is turned way down and you can hear conversations from people in the next section. Also, because of the recent fires the curfew there is really early. Hopefully, Wilco will play the Fonda or El rey on a second night.
  11. somehow I ended up with three copies, but they make great gifts too...
  12. Lets slip and slide on the stay together land mine - candy floss It's "we" not "lets" It will change in ten minutes, my favorite line, I mean Lets slip and slide on the stay together land mine - candy floss
  13. no, sunken treasure, no, via chicago no, sorry, misunderstood, wait a minute, red eyed and blue, Just tell them to pick up being there and/or summerteeth and stay home on friday night, and listen closely, or you won't be their friend anymore
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