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  1. I got the Son Volt email on Tuesday, and when I saw my buddy Andrew Duplantis on Weds. night I said "New Son Volt record, dude?" His reply "Thats what I heard, I guess I need to get on that mailing list." LOL! And followed it up with "Where are we playing anyway?"
  2. Hey y'all, I haven't posted on here in a while, but I know there a lot of Midwesterners on the board here and I'm heading out in February on my first tour of the region with legendary Austin musician Jon Dee Graham (True Believers, Alejandro Escovedo, John Doe). We are truly independent musicians (read: pretty damn poor) and we are trying our best to get the word out, so anything helps! Thanks! 2/9 The Blue Door, OKC, OK 2/10 Auntie Mae's Parlor, Manhatten, KS 2/11 House Concert, Sioux City, IA 2/12 Sunday Roadhouse at The Side Door Cafe, Omaha, NE 2/13 TBA Lincoln, NE 2/14 400 Bar, Minneapo
  3. I'm getting ready to hit the road with Sam Baker & Jon Dee Graham. They are doing a show where they share the stage, swap stories and play on each others' songs. It's going to be a blast. I'm sure many of you know Jon Dee (The Skunks, The True Believers, John Doe) and for those of you that don't know Sam Baker, I seriously recommend his music. I think he is one of the great songwriters of our time. He also has an amazing back-story. You can read about it on his website www.sambakermusic.com These are the dates for the first leg of the tour: June 4th The White Mule Columbia, SC June 5th
  4. My next band: JEFFERSON SLAVESHIP I picture this as a glam type band with the lead singer dressed as Thomas Jefferson and the other members dressed as his illegitimate children. I know. I am going to hell.
  5. Kinda friends of mine, so I wont say too much. Great band, two bonafide classics: Kids in Philly and If You Didn't Laugh You'd Cry. Dave has had a tough road, some of it his own fault, but he is a trooper. Looking forward to hearing the new stuff and seeing them here at SXSW. As for Serge, he did not leave on bad terms. He got married, wife got a job out west and he moved and now he's a papa, so touring in the van for $o dollars couldn't really work for him. Don't think they will ever "break out", they blew their chance at that a few times, but hopefully they can build a nice, respectable foll
  6. Maybe 5 or 6 years ago we opened for Soul Asylum in a sports bar type of place way out on Long Island. It poured all night long and maybe 40 people, and the admission was $7 bucks. They were fun to hang with though and we all laughed about it. Thats just the way it goes sometimes.
  7. listening to my favorite one right now: Marvin Gaye's "What's Goin On". As for more recent ones...can't think of any that have not been mentioned yet.
  8. Trevor Smith is a bad-ass banjo man and all around cool dude.
  9. For the record (no pun intended), recording on tape and using Pro Tools are not mutually exclusive. You can record on 2-inch tape and dump it into pro-tools for editing and then mix it back down to tape. A lot of records are made this way. And Sear Sound is famous for being one of the few studios to use eqiupment with vavuum tubes, which creates a lush, warm sound. I was lucky enough to get a few rolls of Quantegy 2" tape right before they shut down production. I think I paid $300 for 2 rolls and got a total of 4 rolls, so I paid $600. A few months later, I could have sold ONE roll of tape
  10. Yeah, because U2 doesn't sell enough records or tickets. At least your not cynical.
  11. Can't talk about pysch rock without talking about the Moody Blues. Some of thier stuff is alright. Also no mention of The Byrds "Fifth Dimension" or at least "Eight Miles High", which marked a popular shift towards pysh. My favorite is The Grateful Deads "Aoxomoxoa".
  12. For those of you in the area this weekend, I will be rejoining my old band for some shows. Saturday Ocotber 10th Chester Arts Fair Main St. Chester, NJ 12 PM (in the afternoon!) **This is with my new band, The Wilson Street Refugees, which was formed here in Austin. Acoustic guitars, upright bass, accordian, fiddle. Saturday October 10th Jimmys Rock Club (formerly Manny's) Moonachie Ave. Moonachie, NJ 9 PM **with my old band, The Dirty Doves. Just good, ol' badass rock and roll music** Also with Echofission and Jamie Gerard Sunday October 11th **intimate semi-private show with many very
  13. Leaving Austin in the morning, be there on the 9th. Born in the USA: some the best songs Bruce has put on record combined with the worst, early '80's production. It sounds so dated, but hopefully not so much live. Bruce in the crowd is hilarious. I never told my "meeting Bruce" story on here, but I can assure you, he is every bit as salt of the earth as his songs indicate. For those of you in the area this weekend, I will be rejoining my old band for some shows. Saturday Ocotber 10th Chester Arts Fair Main St. Chester, NJ 12 PM (in the afternoon!) **This is with my new band, The Wilson
  14. I worshiped KISS when I was a youngin. In kindergarten I had the Kiss lunchbox and the dolls, etc. I still have ever record they made on Vinyl (all the way through "Crazy Nights", and yes, I have The Elder, too). They suck. The most unintentionally funny band ever, though. And the most misogynistic...
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