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  1. hello! i was thinking of Natalie enough that wanted to come by the old neighborhood! btw, this site STILL has my favorite emoticons. this alone may bring me back.
  2. i'll throw in as a non-teacher: i work in post production on a tv show. although i've done the same type of work for about 18 years it's similar to a freelance job. if the show i'm working on doesn't get picked up for another season i'm looking for a new job. it's a weird way to live, but it's how most of the people working in the industry operate.
  3. tonight i heard a song from Decemberists' "Crane Wife" and immediately i thought of Natalie. i thought, Natalie was alive when this album came out. she didn't like it. her comment about it was something close to, "let us never speak of progressive rock again." my sig line here has a quote from Nat that i use often, but mostly i think it rather than say it out loud. i'd just have to explain it. boy, i miss her. to Natopia!
  4. i'll be seeing mmj tonight in l.a!
  5. well done! can we have a pie chart break down of the content of your posts? am interested to see how big the "pertains to joe henry" slice would be.
  6. safe & fab travels, donna & brennan! i'm also a big fan/advocate of the road trip!
  7. boy, i missed this. HAPPY HAPPY very belated BIRTHDAY, JEN!! :dancing
  8. well, alright! dude, your big heart has always been in evidence 'round here. happy to hear you've got some good love going on. congratulations on your 30 days! stay strong, señor!
  9. wendy, thanks for posting the clip! i was at that show: eryka w-mmj KILLED. the place absolutely came apart! at long last i can get over having missed that dallas show where she performed "tyrone" with them. granted i'm a cheerleader for mmj, but i am digging this album. music for dancing, hollering, hammock swinging. i am in. also: last month before a show in lexington i heard their sound check from outside. i couldn't hear very well. it was windy and the sound was coming in and out. but i heard something that made me stop what i was doing. i didn't recognize the song. it kept
  10. well, FINALLY! great news!
  11. Oman! so happy to see you here! renic and i were wondering where you might be. sounds like you've undertaken some serious personal business in the last couple years. fucking a. well done. i've never smoked: everyone in my family, everyone, smoked. most of them still do. BUT! several years ago one of my sisters quit and has been singing a song of what life is like after cigarettes ever since. any time you spend off cigarettes has to be good. YOU CAN DO EET! ps. i hope to see your face materialize in a random crowd again somewhere this summer
  12. my tic is still available and in the "got extras" thread
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