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  1. Wow...such horrible news. Sam called to tell me earlier. I happen to be in Portland, now, visiting my dad. I am going to go to the memorial on Sunday. If anyone wants to send or PM messages or thoughts to share, please do. Nat gave Sam a tinfoil sculpture of Andrew Bird. We have it on our mantle. It will be muchly cherished.
  2. I think the dog was his body guard.
  3. they were even charming in real life. despite the puking, it was a great show.
  4. I can't seem to find the words to fully describe how perfect the weekend was. My house is so quiet without all of you....but somehow so much fuller and warmer now. Thank you, EVERYONE, for making this such a special weekend. The Hotel is always open and anyone is welcome...anytime. I think the animals made it unscathed. The carpet? Not quite as lucky. I think Cali sums it up best.... She's not ready to let it all go quite yet.
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