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  1. Seat 96 at a cabaret table, best section of the venue. The show is sold out. Selling for £30 - face value + fees was £34 originally. I am based in Glasgow so could meet there, otherwise can post recorded delivery for a little extra. Reluctant sale due to having to be elsewhere.
  2. I didn't say it was worthless. However, I've never been let down by an album so much as in this case - and how dull it was even after 15 listens. 2 or 3 decent tunes on there, regardless.
  3. Wow, loads of actual hate for You Never Know, easily my preferred song of that album and only one of about two or three I even like. Having said that, the performance of it is horribly flat. I've never been more disappointed in an album by anyone, ever than this one.
  4. Download the Glasgow gig: http://viachicago.org/topic/46641-glasgow-royal-concert-hall-2011-10-24/
  5. Yeah, I should have stood up defiantly on my own, in the third row, and had missiles thrown at me for two hours.
  6. I prefer the latter review to be honest, at least he didn't use the term "American Radiohead" which nullifies any good intention, frankly. Jeff could easily have got the audience on it's feet if he'd just asked us to, seen it happen with other bands many times.
  7. Anyway, some thoughts on the gig itself... all-seated was nice for a while, though I kind of expected Jeff to get the crowd on it's feet at some point. I was disappointed when the audience sat down again for the encore and I wasn't going to do it alone. Unsurprisingly it was a relatively subdued gig compared to last year's superior Barrowlands show, I haven't been following the setlists recently but am I right in thinking the band are largely through with Summerteeth? There were lots of comical requests for ELT which would have easily been my highlight of the night, though Jeff made it ver
  8. The people fighting looked liked a couple of sacks of tatties falling down some stairs, on a balcony. Anyway, wanna hear the fight? I recorded it! It's pretty LOL: http://www.mediafire.com/?neybpgofrxrjx3q
  9. Do you have any info on the presale?
  10. Obviously. The album is still deeply underwhelming to my ears, was grasping for a reason why, wasn't hoping to blame it on the copy I have being unmastered.
  11. Ha, that would explain why it sounds so flat and boring.
  12. I was just wondering if the version that leaked a couple of months back sounded unmastered to anyone. Is there any sense in holding on to it?
  13. The Plimptons - Lonely Old Man video.... More than slightly in debt to The Pogues, some would say.
  14. Ah well, it could be seen that way. I posted it on here, the Wedding Present and Teenage Fanclub forums, and left it as that for the 'spamming', save for emailing bloggers, etc. Don't want to piss anyone off. Still, I can't get over how good the response has been all round, a good reason not to end it all! Thank you again.
  15. You lot are great! Thank you! It's a great feeling to be able to give it away with permission from the label. It's much better it gets heard than sat in boxes in my flat.
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