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  1. i'm stoked to see mark spencer w/ son volt. i have missed the lap steel in recent shows. of course tonight is the opener and jays fucking website is down. the new songs jay played on his solo tour (cocaine and ashes, big sur) sound like a return to the alt-country sound of yesteryear. i hope the volt breaks them out on tour.
  2. i think i read somewhere that at least one of the residency shows will be podcast live. which of these do we know of and where can ya hear it? thanks.
  3. if you require meaningless banter during a live show to enjoy it, then you will not enjoy seeing son volt. jay goes out, rips through 4 or 5 songs, asks everyone how they are doing and then rips through about twenty more. jay's vocals may not be up to some peoples standards (not my opinion), but they play as tight as any band out there. i saw them twice last year and was absolutely blown away each time.
  4. they have been known to do such random shows however.
  5. live life to the fullest man. do it!
  6. i don't know, but i know that was one hell of a recording. over on the farrar board, mark spencer said he has been doing the tracking for the next gob iron recording. i can't wait!!!!!
  7. it is so cool they are doing this.
  8. 1. candyfloss 2. shake it off 3. leave me 4. i'm a wheel 5. kicking tv
  9. YHF was the last album that wilco put out that was great.
  10. here's the track listing for "tracing a.m." uncle tupelo's 5th and double platinum album. 1. windfall 2. i must be high 3. tear stainded eye 4. route 5. box full of letters 6. blue eyed soul 7. ten second news 8. casino queen 9. passenger side 10. live free 11. dash 7
  11. i say the same thing about jeff and being there. a truly remarkable recording.
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