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  1. Yes... these shows are awesome, especially the Brooklyn one. It's really cool to listen to one of Wilco's biggest ever headlining shows (I'm not sure if Keyspan Park fits more than UIC Pavilion... it's probably close).
  2. You Never Know with Feist and Ed Droste is missing from the Brooklyn show.
  3. Any chance someone could hook me up? I've been away without my computer and wasn't able to snag the Washington download.
  4. I've been away, and I logged on to my computer today to find that the DC show download was no longer available, before I was able to download it... was anyone able to download it today or is it gone forever? If it's gone, could someone possibly help me in getting the show? Thanks in advance.
  5. Pre-I Thought I Held You banter Covering DSOTM banter anytime Jeff said "The Total Pros" with the hilarious accent.
  6. The end of Impossible Germany out of those, but for the whole album, I'd choose On and On and On. It's just so intense, and it keeps building and building, and right when you think it's going to explode, everybody drops out. That's why I'd pick it for heaviest.
  7. I'm game, that sounds awesome! I don't have very much live Wilco outside of KT and the bonus tracks, so this would help me out a lot. I do have 10-29-2002 that I could possibly up sometime, its a SBD.
  8. I'm Always In Love getting played in the encore after I make the thread saying how awesome it is. Coincidence? or does someone in the band check the boards?
  9. If you heard anything, you'd know that nothing was Alex's fault. His son got up onstage, the police went at him, and Alex tried to defend his song and got beat. The police handled it horribly.
  10. I'm so happy, great song, awesome closer. Anybody else share these feelings?
  11. The version on IATTBYH is amazing. I like that version a lot better than studio, they're just rocking it out.
  12. I don't hear this song get talked about a lot, but its my currently my favorite Wilco song. It's just so catchy and I love the lyrics. I don't know what it is about this song, but i've been listening to it constantly. Same thing with ELT, another song that I love, but don't hear get talked about. ELT has awesome lyrics too. The "Every Little Thing, Every Little Thing, Every Little Thing is gonna tear you apart" gets me every time.
  13. Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band - Kitty's Back or Rosalita Grateful Dead - Box Of Rain or Eyes Of The World would be amazing, and pretty realistic covers, was surprised they didn't cover any Dead when they were playing after Ratdog The Police - So Lonely Ramones - Pet Sematary
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