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  1. Would a new years show count as 2010 or 2011?
  2. What a great evening in my hometown! I was born and raised in South Bend, was at Coveleski Stadium (The Cove) for the first game ever there. I just had so many great memories returning. South Bend has fallen on some hard times in recent years. Most of the industry that was there has moved out, the west side ethnic neighborhoods are half boarded up. I haven't lived there in a decade, but I think it really meant a lot to the city to have Wilco come and play for them. It's not often that I come home and see everyone I grew up with in such high spirits. Thank you Wilco! Friday was the high
  3. Szabo

    Uic Trade

    Sorry, looking for 100 level only. Good luck.
  4. Szabo

    Uic Trade

    I know this is a bit early, but if anyone would like to trade their two 100 level reserved seats for 2 GA floor seats, let me know. My lady friend is only about 5 ft tall and I feel bad dragging her to another GA floor (I'm 6 ft 3 so it works out ok for me). Hopefully someone can work this out with me and make everyone happy!!!
  5. WTA is a strong album. The album kinda fizzles a bit after You and I, but I really like Sonny Feeling.
  6. Hey everyone, I was shut out on all the sales, AGAIN! If anyone is giving up their 2 for 4/15, PLEASE think of me daviddszabo AT gmail DOT com
  7. I need two for 4/15 if possible. daviddszabo AT gmail DOT com
  8. I swear that Wilco is the only band I get shut out on. Needless to say, I need 2 tix to Wednesday night if possible, ugh.
  9. The venue presale sold out in like a minute? Did anyone else try this?
  10. I'm halfway considering taking a few weeks off work and heading to Spain for these shows. I've never been there and this seems like a great chance to get out of the states this year. I am hesitant to go solo. Hopefully I can try to convince at least one person. Anyone else considering this trip solo from the US?
  11. Not to threadjack, but Ryan Adams fans hold the audience in contempt these days. A whiny bunch they are. I love seeing his shows but if I get yelled at 1 more time for standing up during the end of his set I'm gonna flip.
  12. Szabo

    Wilco NYE

    Anyone hear any rumors flying around? If I'm not mistaken, Wilco did not play a NYE show last year, correct? Is it possible that they're done with the whole NYE thing?
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