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  1. BALC2L, Row J, Seat 215 Shoot me a PM
  2. I live out in LA and thought I could swing a trip back home for the show, but unfortunately it doesn't look like that's gonna happen. So, I have an extra GA ticket. I'd really love to unload this to someone on here who I know will enjoy it. Total was $63.38 but I'll eat the PayPal fees. I can forward you the eTicket to print yourself. I'd prefer emails as I don't frequent VC as much as I used to: morgan.glier(at)gmail.com Thanks!
  3. So, this was basically a Wilco living room show. And it was awesome. One by One killed me. And it was only the SECOND song. Just blow after blow after blow of beautiful, emotional songs that get me every time. I feel so fortunate to have been able to be there. Also, Fred Armisen was great, but was only on for 15 minutes I was kinda disappointed, was looking forward to much more. His set was music-themed, and included impressions of Elvis Costello, Prince, and Jeff's butt.
  4. I am speechless, and I still can't sleep. This may be my favorite Wilco show to date...and I've been to a lot of shows. Dang, guys. You really know how to throw your fans for a loop.
  5. It was great meeting you too, Brendan! Lots of friendly folks up at the front last night...which always makes a show that much more enjoyable Had a great time but the pacing did seem a little off...I don't think I've ever seen I Got You come in that early in the set. There just didn't seem to be the steady climb in energy we usually see...had some weird ups and downs. I absolutely loved the set but I think it would've been even better with some rearranging here and there. That being said, Reservations and Can't Stand It were definitely the highlights. I'm with nelafej, obviously they gott
  6. Hey guys, haven't posted on here in foreverrrrr, but just wanted to chime in and say the show was a blast and it was great to see all those familiar faces jeff mentioned The guys have come a LONG way from that first show of the tour in Indy--it was really cool to see that jump from feeling out the new stuff (John was laughing at their first Art of Almost attempt after the Indy show) to how tight and awesome things were Saturday night..which is to be expected, obviously, but still fun to see that progression. Such a great show. High energy, everyone was in good spirits, just an all around bl
  7. Lookin for a Metro ticket if anyone has an extra. Email me at morgan.glier(at)gmail.com Thanks!! -Morgan
  8. "It was just a line of chalk on a wall Kate. The job is yours if you want it." I liked that line a lot, after all the hullabaloo over Kate not being a candidate, it all having to mean something, etc etc I couldn't help but laugh. Also, was that Jacob admitting he crossed her name out in the cave? so does that mean the cave was his? (not that it really matters) My roommate has been watching Season 1 and it's almost painful to watch over her shoulder and see how incredibly awesome it was and then sit down to watch the newest episode of this season....ugh. It's definitely time for it to end. H
  9. Wait, really? That's not how I saw it at all. My interpretation was that Desmond is "showing" each person on the manifest (which he asked his driver to get at the end of the last episode) what Charlie "showed" him by nearly drowning him...Desmond ran Locke over to get him to see the flashes/memories that Charlie, Desmond, and Hurley have now had of their alternate lives. It didn't seem like animosity to me at all...he has adopted Charlie's view of things and is trying to make everyone see it. That's why he went to see Hurley. And when they cut to Locke's blank gaze at the end and then him kin
  10. I don't know exactly what I mean by this, but I get the feeling that Widmore and Eloise are kind of like the Jacob/MIB of the Alt timeline. Does that make any sense? Or maybe it's not that extreme, and just a matter of one wanting the alt universe and one not. But it seems pretty clear that Widmore kept Eloise in the dark about who his right hand man was. I watched the Eloise/Desmond interaction again, and the tone in her voice leads me to believe she didn't know that Desmond was who had been working for Widmore. "Oh of course Mr. Hume, Charles has told me so much about you, it's a travesty
  11. I am SO happy right now. That's all.
  12. When I was in high school my friends and I were randomly pulled onstage and danced to "Hangin Around" with the Counting Crows at Taste of Chicago. I'm still searching for photo evidence of that...considering there was an absurd number of people in attendance (I mean, it was 4th of July in Chicago...) I figured something had to surface, but no luck.
  13. Perhaps that's why he's on MIB's side? Because there is no hope for redemption? I don't have an answer for Claire or Sawyer though.. I like the idea that the smoke monster was Jacob in earlier episodes. I'd forgotten this, but from Lostpedia (which assumes, by the way, that the smoke monster is and has been the MIB all throughout the series): So. Was it Jacob doing the protecting back then? Or is it possible that MIB plays a role as protector as well? Could there perhaps have been two smoke monsters? Also, is it safe to assume water repels the smoke monster in addition to ash? Just assumi
  14. "This could indicate that the names are crossed out when candidates die, but it is unclear if there are other reasons that a candidate might be crossed out, too (for instance, the name Straume is crossed out but Miles is alive)." Hmm.
  15. It was also requested by Second City, Heather, etc. that Jeff/his songs not be recorded (I interpreted this as photos too, though I think the key issue was video) to preserve the intimacy of the show, respect for people who forked out $500 for a song, etc. PS. Wrote A Song For Everyone was really great.
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