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  1. When they say "uk and europe dates" do they mean non-festival shows as well??!
  2. EXCELLENT NEWS!!! Greenman is always great, even though the weather has not been great (very wet) over the last two years. Cold? In August? Methinks not!
  3. I can't get it to work? Can anyone put it up on youtube?
  4. Not sure on the exchange rate between euro and dollar but if there are UK shows coming up they will be cheap as chips for anyone coming from your side of the pond with the current exchange rate between sterling and dollar. Spain would be warmer mind (and drier.....)
  5. hardinggr

    UK Dates?

    How about a concert in Cardiff/Bristol? A lovely venue in Cardiff called the Point. Us down West need some love as well!
  6. Northern Ireland (Ulster) is, Republic is not. When people say Ireland they usually mean Eire. Why not go to Dublin and ask some of the locals if they are in the UK. I'm sure you'll get plenty who will be happy to respond!
  7. OK, I am probably over reacting as Pat and John were great guys when I met them last year on the Autumn Defence tour. PS Ireland is not in the UK!
  8. As I live in the UK just feels like the band doen't want us to see them play....
  9. Thanks for that. I just don't understand how the price can vary from $33 to $95?!
  10. Anybody know why the tickets for the Madrid gig are so more expensive than the others? Looking at $70 Euros a ticket!! Any of our Spanish friends been to this venue before? Would you recommend it?
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