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  1. The front 'pit' tickets were $80, but GA were like $25 or $30, still good 'seats' for free. But the wind! I forgot to mention, did anyone else notice how freaking awesome the lightning a few miles away looked? Like an extension of the lights on stage? And when the wind kicked up during the last 1/3 of the set, it manically swirled above Mike and Glenn and changed stage light color? I asked my friends in the lawn if they saw it and they said no, as I was up front. It looked really cool. Thank you, thank you! While I like "Hotel Arizona", I don't need to hear it live every time
  2. It was a good show and the guys sounded great, but that is the least I have heard Jeff talk and he looked like the heat was getting to him until the wind picked up. With that said, I honestly believe the heat (my God the heat [seinfeld]) is what kept lots of people away from this show in general. Seriously, who books a band in an open baseball park in early July in the Phoenix area (when there are other options)? But, I went and tuffed it out and brought in my liter of water becuase it's freaking Wilco and they don't come around here too often. Yes, the crowd was light and yes, they (we) co
  3. Yeah, I wondered why and who booked them for an outdoor show in Arizona in July too, but I am just happy to see them again. Either way, I am sure it will be a good show. We get a big fireworks display after the band too!
  4. Oh yeah, way too high. Also, who's bright idea was it to start a show at 6:00pm in Arizona in the begining of July in a baseball stadium? Come on!
  5. I ended up getting tickets to the Scottsdale show in Sec C for $65 a piece, before fees. Yes, it stung to pay like $140 for two ticket for wilco when I used to pay like $30 a piece back in the day, but the way I reason it in my mind is they only come to Arizona every few years or with driving distance every few years, so for me it kind of evens out. And for me, I decided to go with the seated section and not GA field because I have major spine and back problems, so I will have to sit down every other song and I will need a chair and didn't want to be in the handicap area way up on the concou
  6. I saw Grizzly Bear open for Wilco a few years back. Now I am a big fan of their music. I also saw The Ditty Bops because my sister had an extra ticket, having no idea who they were; good stuff.
  7. What the hell did I just watch? Either way, cool video, but I am not a fan of the song.
  8. Wilco : 93 Hans Zimmer : 90 Explosions In The Sky : 95 Down : 85 Death Cab For Cutie : 75 Chevelle : 70 Metallica : 80 Pink Floyd : 80 Pantera : 90 Tool : 90
  9. Grizzly Bear The Ditty Bops Loose Fur Uncle Tupelo
  10. I have requested "When The Roses Bloom Again" for six different shows and never heard it. One day...
  11. I always find it akward when someone just holds out something to get signed and doesn't even say a word. All the guys are super nice.
  12. Yeah, it seems every Tucson show has an odd vibe to them. Almost too relaxed. Several of us near the front center kept trying to stand up early on, but it didnt' work out until Germany. It did seem Jeff was irrated at certain people up front even telling a guy who was taking photos to get out/move away from him. The ushers were going after anyone with any sort of camera, including cell phones. The lighting was amazing, like the show at ASU and then ending was different, but amazing as well. They went into a drone, then one by one, they would stop playing their instrument and wave, then
  13. Yeah and he also had some friendly jabs at people who record shows.
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