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  1. Hey! I'm looking for a pair of tickets to either show at the Fox Theater. Let me know what you have! Thanks, Luke allshookdown90@outlook.com
  2. I would like to buy these tickets. allshookdown90@outlook.com
  3. I'm making a playlist of live recordings of Mermaid Avenue tunes performed by either Wilco or Billy Bragg. Just seemed like a fun thing to listen to. This is what I have so far. Thanks! Airline All You Fascists Another Man's Done Gone At My Window Blood of the Lamb Cali Stars Christ for Pres Eisler on the Go Feed of Man Hesitating Beauty Hoodoo Voodoo I Guess I Planted Ingrid B My Flying Saucer One by One Remember the Mountain Bed Secret of the Sea She Came Along Someday Some Morning Unwelcome Guest Walt Whitmans Way Over Yonder When the Roses Bloom Again
  4. Gun (I asked Stan if the current lineup has ever played this song, even in practice. Nope. I'm guessing it won't ever happen.) Should've Been in Love Dash 7 When You Wake Up Feeling Old That's about it. 8 YHF shows and 6 Whole Love shows pretty much squared away every other song I've ever wanted to hear them play live.
  5. I'm voting for Being There on multiple devices every day. I'm really pulling for it.
  6. I was also at that show. The headstock of the SG broke off after it was tossed but Stan (Wilco's sound guy) says their guitar techs repaired the guitar. I'm also curious which guitar was tossed seeing how it seemed like acoustic guitars were used %80 of the time at both Seattle shows.
  7. Was this actually said at some point during the podcast? I must've missed that.
  8. Buy used, pay less. You can find used vinyl on Discogs.com and search by album.
  9. I have the original red vinyl release but will probably sign up for this release as well. I love A.M.
  10. Dash 7 (it's been played live 4 times) Secret of the Sea (finally got to see this one in Scottsdale on 7/3) Shouldn't be Ashamed (saw this one in Palm Springs 2012) It seems like the super rare gems get pulled out in Chicago so I'll have to make it a point to see Wilco on a multi-night stand in Chicago one day.
  11. Tweedy seems to like to preface AM material (at least when I've seen Wilco) with a comment about the distance between the AM material and where the band is at now. I'm just happy to have heard just about all of AM live (except Dash 7) at this point. I was so excited to hear "I Must Be High" when I did.
  12. I started off last Friday (the 3rd) without tickets to the show in Scottsdale I was traveling from Vegas to see and by the time the show started I had been given 4 free tickets, 2 of which I was unable to give away (and they were GA field tickets.) I was going to tape the show but I met two of the three tapers in the pit, so I decided against taping after seeing the rigs they had set up. Overall I thought the show was decent (I wasn't bothered by the heat, I live in Vegas after all.) I was happy to finally hear "Secret of the Sea" live after all these years and I thought the solos and some of
  13. That's a solid setlist. I'm looking forward to 7/3 in Scottsdale.
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