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  1. I just received the digital tickets for this yesterday, so I am finally posting, but I have two tickets available that are currently not going to be used for Wilco on Monday 10/16 at Keller Auditorium. Seats: Section Orch C, Row R, Seat 3 and 4. These are very much in the middle on the floor and should be great seats in that venue, see Keller Auditorium Seating Chart. These were in the $59.50 per ticket pricing tier. After fees the total for the two of them came to $152.70. See attached screen grab below for pricing detail. I would love to get that amount ba
  2. 1. June 2001. I was 16 and had started my first job at a pizzeria in Boise, ID. My boss leant me Being There. Within the first 30 seconds of "Misunderstood" I was hooked. 2. 3 July 2003, Summerfest, Milwaukee, WI. Despite the large crowd and hardly being able to see them on-stage, I thoroughly enjoyed it, as I have every show since.
  3. Just noticed that this is available in the Wilco Store for 24.95 USD. How long its available and for how long is anybody's guess.
  4. http://whiskeyclone.net/disco/releaseinfo.php?discoID=362 The arrow next to each song title serves as a drop down giving individual credits for each song.
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