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  1. grabbed tix today for both the tucson and phoenix shows...can't wait. first time they've played az since '05.
  2. really diggin' the new one as well...but i'm not too objective as i love all their output!
  3. an amazing show! crowd in my area (15th row/dead center) was silent except when encouraged to sing along with jesus, etc. i agree the show was a few songs shorter than i expected but what a blast. was thrilled when he announced a phx show and he certainly didn't disappoint. btw, the gal didn't yell "you're a funky rock star" which jeff pretended to hear. the fact that he scolded her by "thanking" her for "dropping an f-bomb" in front of his kids let the crowd know he heard what she really said...
  4. EDIT: SADLY, VIC CHESTNUTT PASSED AWAY THIS EVENING...http://www.spinner.com/2009/12/25/vic-chesnutt-dead/ According to Kristen Hersh's twitter (@kristinhersh), Vic Chestnutt attempted suicide and is in a coma. Too sad. I pray for his full recovery. Per her twitter: In My Head: "Myrtle" by Vic Chesnutt: http://is.gd/5ziht - great song by a great songwriter...please send grateful thoughts his way about 17 hours ago from web no calls in the night-well, only to talk about how much we love vic-and no news is good news...if we lose him i'll have lost my equilibrium about 6 hours ago from
  5. Phoenix New Times just announced a solo show on Dec 27 for the Orpheum Theater in Phoenix! Very excited to see him solo again!!! Anybody else going to be there? Have other dates been released that I haven't seen yet? This will sure make it a Merry Christmas!! http://blogs.phoenixnewtimes.com/uponsun/
  6. As i mentioned several posts ago, nobody worshipped at the alter of Farrar more than I did. But year after year of subpar albums and performances changed things for me. Regardless, I entered and won tickets to the Mesa, AZ Son Volt show...front row, literally dead center, in front of Jay's mic. Candidly, despite my increasing age...I was super excited. I'll let Son Volt's drummer provide the review of the show courtesy of his blog: "Mesa, ugh…. Well, last night’s show blew. It was not the return to rock, or country (or whatever the hell it is we play) as hoped. We couldn’t rise above t
  7. For those of you not familiar with Skip Spence or this record here is Spence's All Music Guide bio: http://www.allmusic.com/cg/amg.dll?p=amg&sql=11:0ifoxqr5ld0e~T1 (Oar: 4.5 out 5 stars) Like a rough, more obscure counterpart to Syd Barrett, Skip Spence was one of the late '60s' most colorful acid casualties. The original Jefferson Airplane drummer (although he was a guitarist who had never played drums before joining the group), Spence left after their first album to join Moby Grape. Like every member of that legendary band, he was a strong presence on their first album, playing gui
  8. http://pitchfork.com/news/35990-beck-and-wilco-cover-skip-spence/ By now, you know all about Beck's Record Club, the new project in which Mr. Hansen and a revolving cast of guests get together to cover an entire album's worth of songs in a day. The results are then posted on Beck's revamped (and suddenly great) website. For the first installment, Beck, producer Nigel Godrich, actor Giovanni Ribisi, and others have been splendidly rolling their way through The Velvet Underground & Nico; as of right now, they've gotten as far as "Run, Run, Run". So far, Beck's been mum on what other albu
  9. Wilco Scottsdale, AZ 1995 Tempe, AZ 1997 Mesa, AZ 1997* Hollywood, Ca 1999 Scottsdale, AZ 2002 Tempe, AZ 2004 Flagstaff, AZ 2005 Berkeley, Ca 2007 Tucson, AZ 2009 Tweedy Hollywood, 2006 Uncle Tupelo San Francisco, 1993 *opening for Sheryl Crow
  10. Longtime Volt fan here who's interest went from worshipping them and Farrar to not buying the Search or ACD. Oddly, I just won tickets for tonight (Mesa, AZ) after deciding to miss the last couple of shows following a dreadful Farrar gig at Nita's years back. So, I'm going and actually quite excited to give this band another chance, especially after reading this entire thread. Here's an interview from today with Jay from the local New Times. A Tweedy nugget or two at the end for you folks not interested in SV/Farrar... http://bit.ly/Q7EOD e
  11. When I first heard The Album I wasn't that excited or engaged by it....it reminded me a bit too much of SBS. I was wrong. Really enjoying this record and its production. I've "spun" the leak, the cd and the vinyl. Buy the vinyl. e
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