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  1. It will be my first since moving to Chicago too! Seen them in Berkeley, SF, Montreal, and Solid Sound...but the first Chicago show feels like a confirmation of some kind. Can't overstate how excited I am and thankful for this glimmer of joy in what has been a pretty depressing couple of weeks..
  2. ok phew! got tickets to all three nights. partner is only joining me Wednesday so Thursday and Saturday i'm making friends with y'all!
  3. i clicked at 11:00 on the dot and nothing. this is the worst ever.
  4. yeah same actually. not sure how the pre-sale vs. sale works... are all tickets on sale now or will more become available for purchase on Friday?
  5. some singles available but it looks like i might have to give up on finding adjacent seats...
  6. This will be my first Wilco show as a Chicago resident (been a fan since I knew what music was)! Question: Is it worth going to all three nights? Will they play enough different tunes?
  7. Hey all, This is a throwback: Just re-watched the IATTBYH film the other day, and was once again inspired by Tweedy and the band's creativity, integrity, and commitment to their vision. Shivers went down my spine watching the interview with JT where he rejects the label's request to change YHF. I'm not much of a meme person but this time for some reason--maybe b/c I'm a struggling humanities PhD student in need of inspirational quotes--I felt irresistibly compelled. Enjoy
  8. Saw him in Montreal a few months ago. It was awesome. RIP Jay.
  9. I used to feel similarly, but have since discovered melody to be one of Radiohead's greatest strengths on all of their albums. Listen to Let Down, Karma Police, Lucky, How to Disappear Completely, Idioteque. In my mind, it's the beautiful and haunting melodies that carry these songs.
  10. Just bought my ticket. I cant wait!
  11. Does anyone one know if we can currently buy physical tickets at L'Olympia? I'm having trouble understanding how all these sales and pre-sales work...
  12. Ill be working at summer camp on an isolated mountain when the record comes out, so if someone could send it to haon10@yahoo.com I'd be infinitely grateful. Of course I will buy the actual thing when I can.
  13. When Jeff sings "But I feel like this scribbling might stay" in Another Man's Done Gone The last moments of Reservations with the almost inaudible creaks and buzzes and hums The big blues riff at the end of Kingpin "We can't deny even the gentlest tide" from On and On and On "I'm so, I'm so, unsatisfied" in Unsatisfied by The Replacements. Paul Westerberg's voice is so fucking great.
  14. This is a user review Tweedy wrote on Itunes. I couldn't decide where to put this because it's sort of about both Wilco and U2. I love both bands and find it kind of surprising but in a way not that surprising that Tweedy loves U2 so much. Anyway, thought it would spark some discussion. "What can I say? In all my life I have never "bonded" with an album anywhere close to the way I did with Achtung Baby. I've listened to it well over a hundred times. I grew up on it...I've gone from loving it to hating it. It's practically a member of my family. The point is, this is *my* album. Never before
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