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  1. Thanks for posting the setlist. Did anyone capture the audio of this?
  2. I'm getting the "Shows" page to load, but I don't see any active "Presale" link to click on . . .
  3. A fun night. Great following along here.
  4. I know that's what makes them professional musicians, but it's impresive how they can break out random tracks like this, and it sounds like gold.
  5. +1 -- nice to see the show come down the stretch like this.
  6. I wouldn't call this a "comfortable" show. The first hour or so was brooding, maybe a little dark. The first three songs were "Less Than Your Think," "Ashes" and "Bull Black Nova" -- throw in songs like "I'll Fight" and "Radio Cure." They definitely established a mood/theme and then went from there. I prepped for the stream thinking the night would be going in a different direction: a little more upbeat, rocking out, what have you. But Wilco if anything keeps you on your toes. And when they throw a night like this into the mix, it makes me appreciate it even more.
  7. To hear this song in Chicago, I would imagine to be pure bliss. Especially on a Saturday night, closing in on midnight. As good as it gets.
  8. Candy Floss. The antithesis of the first half of the show.
  9. Maybe a post better suited to another thread, but are you guys suprised this has turned into *the* singalong, song-at-the-ready that it has become? I feel like it has morphed into The Ballad of Wilco over the years. It's a "nice" song, but I don't get the prominence/stature that it has gained over the years. If I'm off-base tell me to shut up.
  10. I try and keep a level of separation from the artists I listen to, and the circle of my own existence, but that really whacked me in the gut. Gave a different perspective on the proceedings, to be sure. Damn . . .
  11. And sticking with that. Most upbeat moment of the show so far.
  12. Yes. If I'm not mistaken, that sequence (Poor Place > Almost) was used quite a bit on the '12 tour. Interesting show to be at, I imagine. From a 1,000 miles away, they have me locked into what this set is going to look like by the end.
  13. Top 5 for me. Adding to the epic (in a stately, serious way) feel to this set.
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