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  1. I am looking for a single ticket for the Mountain Winery show on Friday 6/26/09. I will be coming down from Berkeley so if I can buy a ticket and take someone out for a drink let me know.
  2. i heard the same thing. let's keep our fingers crossed.
  3. Anyone have an invite to either waffles or what? i have a bunch of libble invites if anyone needs one just ask..
  4. lets give this one a bump with a request for: a magazine called sunset
  5. i would love to hear... monday magazine called sunset ELT but hey, seeing them up the street from my house is enough for me. see you guys there.
  6. I would love an OINK invite. I have been a member at other sites and have maintained a pretty good ratio. Im just sorry that my first post here is in response to this instead of Wilco. If anyone has an invite to spare it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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