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  1. Did anyone tape the Autumn Defense? Just wonderin' ......and does anybody know where Glenn went on Sunday?
  2. MSG 2004 Kalamazoo, MI Feb 2005 Buffalo, NY Rockin the Knox 2005 Shelburne, VT Jul 2007 New Haven, CT Feb 2008 Tanglewood, MA Aug 2008 Rochester, NY 2008 Lewiston, NY Jun 2009
  3. I'm so freaking pumped, besides Buffalo and NYC every Wilco show I've ever seen has been out of state VT, PA, MI, MA, CT, now they are at my back door! The Aud is a great place, saw Dylan there in 1994, and Ratdog at some point. Forget everything else you hear and just go to the Dino BBQ to get your grub on!
  4. I'll be there via Rochester, NY, and Pittsburgh,PA after the Raconteurs and Dylan.
  5. Did anyone else see on the Shelburne museum website, that it says concerts are done by 9:30 PM?!?! WTF?
  6. I will be up in VT very early on Friday, if anyone would like meet up at some hip location with my girl and I for a puff session , (if that is your thing), let me know. I dont know bout the Vermont Buddha, but I'll have the White Widow. Can't freaking wait. Last time I saw Wilco was 2 years to the day of the Shelburne show, at an art gallery in Buffalo.
  7. Alot of you VCers gonna be making the trip for this show? I'll be coming from Buffalo. It is a great venue and there are great views of the Adirondack High Peaks! around the area!
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