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  1. Show was very amazing. Wish they would have had more time, but they used what they had to their full potential. We had all access for this show and spent a lot of time on stage for bands we wanted to see, but with this Wilco show we wanted to be smack dab in the middle of the crowd where everyone around us was dancing their asses off. The HMD/Marriage proposal was fun. Misunderstood opening was great. Red Eyed/I Got You - Casino Queen _Outta Sight with a Hoodoo Voodoo encore was a great way to end the show. Impossible Germany was unbelievably well played. Pretty much everything played was gr
  2. Indeed it was one of those joint shows....and let me tell you, I hated most every minute of the show. I was almost embarassed because i took my wife and a bunch of friends who are a little bit younger than I and I kept going on about traveling with the Grateful Dead and seeing Dylan...then we get there. The venue was horrible for starts. Then Dylan played...yikes, I need not say more. After Dylan came the Dead. I refer to the Dead's performance as the nights shit sandwich. They opened with Help on the Way and it was good. After that, complete shit. Then the show was closing to an end and I tho
  3. indeed, and that's how it should be. Like I said, you seem like you took it in stride and didn't let it effect your good time. That's really the best thing you can do. I have for most of my life been a super passive person, but recently I have been getting angry at the way people interact with each other. At what point in your life do you think, "look at that asshole standing, give me something to throw at them so they'll sit down" People like that should be beaten and made example of. And that's where I'm at now with my passiveness. lol Never the less, back to your Bob review. I'm glad
  4. I don't understand sitting down at concerts. It's music....most of the time it's purpose it to invoke emotion. Some of that emotion may induce standing and even the often feared "Dancing". I have no problem with sitting, but fuck people who sit and yell at standers. This has been going on all year. I have been going to concerts for over 15yrs now and never before ran into this problem. While attending the Ovens show this year I was asked by the staff to be seated or they were going to throw my wife and I out. WTF? Standing during a concert is now bad? Bullshit!. And I would put good money o
  5. WOW, I'm embarrassed for you. Not really, I have found myself in this position before, a little too gun-ho and ready for the show. I have learned to tone that down recently. Although I will say this year I saw Roger Waters on my b-day and drank too much. I didn't find myself painting the lawn with vomit, but the experience wasn't all that pleasant the next day. I feel for you. The ambulance ride must have been fun.....at least you didn't lose your t-shirts
  6. tech was outstanding. They changed everything overnight. The show came through very clear. It was the best quality I've heard from a Wilco webcast. Performance was good. This show seemed to have a different feel to it, much different from last night. On and on and On was nice to hear close out the set. I enjoy this live quite a bit. First encore was great. Misunderstood. Poor Places>Spiders was incredible. And Heavy Metal Drummer from the second encore was rockin'. That's what stood out on that set list as far as performance goes. The whole show was well played. Wilco is the band that
  7. You Are My Face IATTBYH Impossible Germany Sky Blue Sky Handshake Drugs Shot in the Arm Side with the Seeds Either Way War on War Via Chicago Jesus etc Walken ITMWLY Hummingbird On and On and ON Encore 1 Misunderstood Poor Places> Spiders Encore 2 HMD Hate it Here Late Greats Outtasite Show Quality was amazing for this webcast. They out did their selves.
  8. wasn't there myself, but from the way it sounded via the webcast everyone seemed more into the show after standing. The band also seemed aware of the change. Over all the energy level went up a notch once everyone stood up. But this is just what it sounded like to me. And again, bravo Calgary on that clapping during Spiders...well done.
  9. That's the strangest HMD I've ever heard. I seriously doubt that is Jeff. Does anyone have any info on where this came from?
  10. I've heard the same thing about Wilco Sunday. I'm hoping it's true. Sunday would be the perfect time for Wilco at Voodoo and how I hope to be closing the Voodoo festival. Nothing like ending the weekend with Wilco. I'm also hoping they add a few dates around that time in the southeast....maybe another Atlanta show, and maybe a Florida show or two. Florida is in some serious need of Wilco. We haven't had them here sense Langerado 2006. Come on guys, Florida isn't too bad in Oct-Nov. The heat should be bearable by then.
  11. I think single day tickets will be sold once the line up days/times are announced...probably end of Sept. Just what I have heard
  12. predictable maybe, but well placed and well played heavy metal drummer california stars spiders and this spiders is sounding very good indeed "don't ever stop clapping..." Calgary claps well.
  13. I don't know if I could ever get tired of Wilco doing Guthrie
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