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    Black Moon

    I am always one Without a warning Whole days Reappear Lift away Past the gate Desert keeps forming Underneath the black moon And Iʼm waiting For you Waiting forever Are you awake now too?
  2. roby

    Black Moon

    I delete the tread, bye
  3. roby

    Black Moon

    Ok, no streams around on the web, but on the Italian music magazine called il Mucchio Selvaggio (the Wild Bunch) there is the full review of the album; the writer is a good friend of mine so I was so lucky to listen to Black Moon and the Art of Almost.
  4. roby

    Black Moon

    I can't reveal it, sorry. BLACK MOON I was always right About the morning Ok, Iʼm an old shoe Danced above the blades Never stopped crawling Over the black dunes And Iʼm waiting For you Waiting forever Are you awake now too?
  5. roby

    Black Moon

    I've listened it, fantastic slow song! One of their best.
  6. ART OF ALMOST No! I froze I canʼt be so Far away from my wasteland I never know when I might Ambulance Hoist the horns with my own hands Almost Almost I heard a faint olé True love but I had other ways to hurt myself Like calling I could open up my heart And fall in and I could blame it all on dust The Art of Almost Almost Almost Almost Iʼll hold it up Iʼll shake the grail Disobey across the waves Tomorrow Iʼll have all the love I could ever ache And Iʼll leave almost with you All of almost Almost
  7. Found it in Germany, a copy in mint condition. I was very lucky. I think the Vol. 2 doesn't exists on vinyl, someone know something different?
  8. 1.Ashes of American Flags 2.I Am Trying to Break Your Heart 3.Bull Black Nova 4.You Are my Face 5.One Wing 6.Shot in the Arm 7.Country Disappeared 8.Either Way 9.One By One 10.I'll Fight 11.Handshake Drugs 12.Deeper Down 13.Impossible Germany 14.Via Chicago 15.War On War 16.Jesus etc. 17.You Never Know 18.Heavy Metal Drummer 19.Hate it Here 20.Walken 21.I'm The Man Who Loves You 22.The Late Greats 23.California Stars 24.Red Eyed And Blue 25.I Got You 26.Hoodoo Voodoo 27.I'm a Wheel
  9. 1000 thanks to Glenn and Nels for "When The Roses Bloom Again". We requested it during a breakfast at The "Leone d'oro", a very nice Ferrara bar, and many many thanks for the aftershow passes: You are really nice and gentle people. It was very nice have you as our guests, hope to see you soon in Italy. Roberto and Roberta.
  10. Set List: 01. Ashes of American Flags 02. Bull Black Nova 03. You're My Face 04. I Am Trying To Break Your Heart 05. One Wing 06. A Shot In The Arm 07. A Least That What You Said 08. How To Fight Loneliness 09. I'll Fight 10. Handshake Drugs 11. In A Future Age 12. Impossible Germany 13. Via Chicago 14. When The Roses Bloom Again 15. Forget The Flowers 16. Box Full Of Letters 17. Nothing'severgonnastandinmyway(again) 18. Jesus, Etc. 19. Too Far Apart 20. You Never Know 21. Hate it Here 22. Theologians 23. I Am The Man Who Loves You 24. The Late Greats 25. Monday 26. Heavy Metal Drummer 27. K
  11. Mark is passed away. It's suicide. I'm in a sea of sadness..
  12. A spectacular show in a very very nice theatre. Italian audience was part of the show, the band itself is in top form. Heart stoppers for me: Country Disappeared, At My Window Sad And Lonely, A Box Full Of Letters and a marvellous Muzzle of Bees that I have requested before the show to a real gentleman: Pat Sansone. Bye, Roby.
  13. On the new 7 Worlds Collide "The sun come out" appears "What Could Have Been" written and sung by Jeff Tweedy (and it's a gem), also on that album there is a different version of "You Never Know". Tweedy and other Wilco members play on many tracks. A limited 2 discs edition exists. Bye, Roby.
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