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  1. this thread has been so full of win.
  2. much to my chagrin i haven't caught them live since they opened for GD back in '95 -- wondering if anybody who's seen them in recent years can tell me if they still cover "Pimper's Paradise" or was that a one-tour thing? do they have a deadbase/wilcobase? (crowbase?) either way, i gotta get caught up...
  3. Presto tour was great, back before the days of Internet spoilers, i thought for sure i was getting another TSOR opener but instead got hit with Force Ten. the current and last tour's show openers have been ho-hum but i really liked hearing Limelight following YYZ, just like on the LP. i feel the same way about Overture>Temples of Syrinx that you do about Working Man... out of the tours i have attended, i think there was only one year where they didn't go to the well, again. (technically two tours, leg 1 of S&A they were alternating Summertime Blues/DEW). when they brought back O
  4. found a peculiar link on the archive.org from the day of the '81 St. Paul, MN show we've been discussing Jerry getting interviewed by mutants
  5. i've been enjoying this show, thx for the recommendation... how often did we get post-drums/space UJB??
  6. i was late getting to Shoreline and didn't care all that much when i missed TSOR... Working Man i'm cool with because i never caught it before and they cut loose.. was so irie'd up the reggae intro was a'ight by me.
  7. right, you know live you're guaranteed to get TSOR and TS, it's a lock... early on in the Presto tour, they had dropped TSOR (played it every tour since Permanent Waves came out) but mid-tour they began encoring with it (early tour first encore was The Big Money)... i think that's the closest they came to veering away from trotting out ALL the classics on a given tour. i doubt they'll ever do a rarities show but if they did i'd probably do backflips (and i mean a setlist like A Farewell To Kings, Lessons, Making Memories, Cinderella Man)... they seriously should do a show like that, with th
  8. late to the dance on this one, sorry re: Electric Apricot. agreed on all fronts, certainly some dry spots but there are a few scenes that are pissers: -of course the Burning Man song -the dude who made up "the cube" dance at Earth Day in Modesto -Gordo's Jimi incense -Claypool's glass-blowing segment -Aiwass treehouse scene -the tapers arguing about the Schoeps MK4 mic no longer being the best after the first 20 mins or so it tapers off until Gordo repulses Warren Haynes.
  9. Time Stand Still from Hold Your Fire.
  10. this is dated, not sure if this has already been posted up in this thread: CONGRESS DEBATES COOLNESS OF RUSH August 9, 2000 | ISSUE 36•27 WASHINGTON, DC–Continuing its long-running debate on the subject Monday, members of Congress argued the merits of Canadian power trio Rush. "'The philosopher and the plowman, each must play his part'?" asked House Majority Leader Dick Armey (R-TX). "C'mon. Neil Peart must be the most pretentious lyricist in arena-rock history. Gentlemen, forget these bloated, overrated '70s dinosaurs." Countered longtime Rush loyalist Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-OR): "Keep
  11. yes, what a double bill THAT must have been... live Rush is where it's at (i mainly fiend on their bootlegs these days). i hate to say this because i love them but (and a few people i know will disagree) don't go near any albums after Roll The Bones. a good starting point, like what VH said -- Fly By Night thru GuP but i'll amend that an LP further and include Power Windows; that spans 11 years or so. Hold Your Fire ('87-88) is a bit of a fall off and marked the end of electronica Rush (which i actually like a lot of)... but hell, the eponymous debut is a good starting point too,
  12. i can hook up you or anybody else who'd like copies of some good SBDs... i'm not the guy with a trillion boots but what i do have is "top notch, top notch!"
  13. were you at the Omni in '92, when the stars aligned (see signature)? Grateful Dead was 3/3/92, Rush 3/4/92. i think i was in FL at the time and theoretically could have made it but i blew it. in my defense though, post-Brent Dead was [for me]... not so good.
  14. they don't understand, these are NEW Pornographers. nobody's gonna burn in hell far as they know.
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