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  1. This is a great idea.... I wish I'd had you as an English teacher in the eighth grade.
  2. mine also. i'm jumping on the bandwagon.
  3. i think i might go for batshit crazy genius as well. nothing wrong with such a hybrid in my books. does anyone have a strong opinion on his cartoon dumband? purely out of curiosity; i'm not sure how i feel about it.
  4. Well, this is the impression I was under as well.... atheism? Spirituality? What?
  5. it's (if possible) worse than before... not to scare you off, or anything.
  6. troy most certainly is big enough for the both of you. in fact, i think the sooner ya'll move, the better
  7. you are blowing my mind right now. i can't see the comparison too clearly. i like both bands. wilco far surpasses radiohead as a personal preference.
  8. tanglewood and wilco is a a perfect marriage in my mind. i got my wilco cherry popped in the best of ways. nearly a week later, and i expect i'll ride the high until next time. thanks to m.christine for pushing me right up front for the encores (literally at tweedy's feet) and viatroy for buying me the tickets and finding the best spot in back to meet jeff. i'd say something more about meeting him, but i was only partly there.
  9. i'll clarify a bit more... it's a personal paper for a college course, 20th century music history we were to read a paper on Igor Stravinsky's debut of The Rite of Spring (at which crowds rioted for its entirely unconventional sound and structure; the crowds of course came to see Stravinsky's genius later on). it went on to discuss the plasticity of the brain... you may be able to find this online; it's the sixth chapter of the book Proust Was a Neuroscientist by Jonah Lehrer, called Igor Stravinksy: The Source of Music. Assuming you're into such things. After reading the chapter we were t
  10. i couldn't have said that better. there's something ecstatic in the combination of his lyrics and the music.
  11. What do you think of Wilco as a twentieth century band? How would you describe their music (popular, folk music, country etc.) and use of ambient sounds (in YHF)... Were you instantly attracted to their music, or did it take you time to get into it? For lack of better word, as a post-modern band? I'm curious what people think - I'm not reaching for any particular answer.... I need to get my brain rolling on a paper, and I would love some people to bounce ideas off of
  12. it's no news or surprise that the government lies and uses the media to its benefit. it's not exclusive to one event. this is the stuff of internet boards, i assume?
  13. Serial Mom. John Waters is so strange, and funny....
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