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  1. huge fan, seen wilco live more than a dozen times; chicago (all residency shows and the awesome millennium park show), st louis (back to back to back), tanglewood (bso venue), just to name a few of the best shows of my wilco life. regrettably, last nights scranton show will be on the bottom of my list. really looked forward to this show, but left disappointed. the venue was oversold, the sound was mediocre at best, and most of the crowd was talking the whole time, which really sucked for those of us that know how crowd attentiveness plays a direct role in the bands performance. i wasn't feelin
  2. We were out of town for the ticket sales. Please, someone help us!!! Must have good music!!!
  3. bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbsssssssssssssssssssssssssss
  4. show's not available via iphone app, so no need to worry. wilco(the song)
  5. on conan, who were the two guys on the stage with wilco?
  6. i need to know the set list!!! please, someone...
  7. i have had my g.a. tickets since september for this show. unfortunately, the weather is so bad i am not going to make the 4 hour drive today. i am bummed, but i can't afford the possibility of getting into an accident or being stuck in the mountains all night. i have been following the tour on line and i don't expect any unusual surprises in philly tonight. still, i would like to know what i miss. if someone could please post the set list i would appreciate it. i will be listening to all my live shows throughout the day to numb the pain (or create more, i'm not sure yet). no sky blue skies fo
  8. i went to the chicago shows and i tell ya what, this is much more relaxing and enjoyable for me. no one pushing me, or talking loudly. i couldn't see at the riviera. the set up was horrible.
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