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  1. Ghost is Born released in May '04, first Philly show after release, June '05 Sky Blue Sky released in May '07, first Philly show after Feb '08 Whole Love released Sept '11, first non festival Philly show ?????? Star Wars released summer '15, first Philly show ??????? Yeah, we got an Evening with show. Funny thing is when Whole Love came out, they did 2 in Vienna, VA and drove right by us to do 3 in NY. Good to see they are keeping the trend on this tour. No idea why Tweedy played here but there is no denying there is something about this town they don't like. I really haven't followed t
  2. Glad you're enjoying them. My opinion; the stuff on the deluxe edition is cool to hear but doesn't fit with the studio stuff. As for all of this talk about Rogers voice, I was listening to the Blues to the Bush live CD set from '99 and was actually shocked as to how good Rogers voice sounded then as compared to now. I remembered when it came out thinking he was sounding pretty shot but comparing it to now, he sounds like he was in top form and it's very listenable. Saw them Saturday night, show was good but I think Pete had a cold so he was having trouble singing too, kind of a double wh
  3. As someone else said, probably should be called a music HOF or something like that. I dont really care for PE or rap in general but from what I know about them, they were hugely influential and deserve inclusion I'm an old man too, I liked Rush some in Jr High but they didnt stick with me. Other than a few songs on moving pictures and signals (I was in Jr high when those records came out) i never got it with them, they basically seemed to make the same record over and over. If by being a peoples band you mean that people like them and critics don't, i would agree with that. Funny that Le
  4. I know I'm going to get blown up here by Rush fans but I always thought a Hall of Fame was supposed to recognize the best of the best. To make the Hall, I would think an artist would need to be influential in way that makes them essential to Rock, either by having a body of work that is considered essential or influencing bands that go on to be essential. I dont think Rush qualify on either count. They seem like nice guys and a lot of people like them and they certainly have longevity but to me that doesnt equal greatness. There are a lot of players that played a particular sport for a lon
  5. I have that book, its a good one. That link is dead.
  6. That seems unlikely but i guess it's possible. The thing with the Townshend demos is he kept the bass and drums pretty simple knowing they would be fully fleshed out. The guitar and piano work and vocals are all pretty developed. The zip file has Greyhound, Mary and Teenage Wasteland, wasnt sure if you had it. When I was a boy is it's own download. Enjoy! http://www.sendspace.com/filegroup/XNZctJ2qjf4xM3AFIskslw Thanks, cant wait. Will be seeing it in AC in feb on my bday too, great present.
  7. The Townshend demos are actually pretty well produced with all the instrumentation. Mary is definitely '70-'71 vintage and I'm pretty sure Greyhound girl is too and I dont think Roger would have sung Greyhound any better than Pete, it's a keeper. Glyn Johns himself mentions that PT had some of the most amazing demo's he's ever heard. I'm not sure if any Who versions of these are lost or just not released. Time is Passing was found for the Odds & Sods reissue, who knows what else is in there. I'm pretty sure the Townshend vocal version of Love Ain't For Keeping was from the same Recor
  8. My pleasure. You're right, you can pretty much make Lifehouse anything you want it to be as Pete has a habit being inconsistent in interviews and his own story so its hard to really say what would go where. I happen to love the sound of those Olympic sessions. After all those years of being criminally represented on record by Kit Lambert, they just sound like an uncaged animal in those sessions. And it's funny, Glyn Johns recorded the sessions at Olympic in '72 but they just dont have the same feel. As for Teenage Wasteland, it is incredibly interesting to listen to but I dont think the
  9. A topic near and dear to my heart. I have done this many times although I have never seen that wiki entry that splits it into 4 pieces like that although that sequencing is more or less what I have done in the past. The issue that I always run into is what would have been on Lifehouse had it come out in its time, summer of '71. If that is going to be the criteria of your comp, then Put The Money Down, Relay and Join Together are automatically out as they were recorded in Spring '72. I wish the Lifehouse Chronicles had dates on the demos because it is unclear, and I have never seen definit
  10. Pretty funny, first thing that popped into my head also. Not a big Journey fan but I love those 2 songs. Genesis - Behind the Lines>Duchess
  11. You just can't make this stuff up. All the signs and evidence pointed towards Mike being a monumental, world class asshole. You heard him plead his case over the years, you knew it smelled but you wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt, then he does this. Case closed. And why Brian or Al would have any interest in being reinstated is beyond me. All they need to do is point their fingers and say, see, we told you, and be done with him. At least they were on good enough terms long enough to get the Smile box out.
  12. I think tremendous crap is a bit of an overstatement. Arguing taste and likes and dislikes is a pointless exercise but I do believe a lot of the negative attitude towards the later records is due to perception for a lot personal reasons people may have. Rolling Stone began their review of Out of Time, and I'm paraphrasing, by saying that while R.E.M. will probably never be as exciting as they once were, that they are constantly maturing as songwriters. I think that was true. Was there a period between Hifi and ATS that the records were too long? I think so, but I still think there were
  13. I agree. It's total schmaltz but I love it. I like Hallelujah a lot too.
  14. I guess i don't understand why people get to the point of feeling like this in general. Not to pick on Crow Daddy because a lot of people feel similarly to him but at the end of the day, it's just music. Bands evolve. The same group of folks that point out supposed mistakes that bands make would likely be the first to criticize if every record sounded like Murmur. I think R.E.M. followed their muse consistently during their history to varying degrees of success. I think to dismiss any period of their history is to miss out on a lot of great music. At the end of the day, for me, thats
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