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  1. I saw you causing trouble sunday, dancing, laughing, singing, drinking beer....having a good time. Not allowed @ a Wilco show 2009 son Stand @ attention and shut yer mouth. Were you w/ the boys in KS when that one dude told them not to dance?
  2. Lance, some Wilco fans suck just as much as some people on VC, but not all of them. Cool people to be found here as well as @ shows....so don't lose focus, it's all about the music. Every crowd is as different as the venues.
  3. my first time in Chicago ....just for Wilco. I didn't eat, drink, sleep, or go potty for 3 days. I didn't wanna miss anything.
  4. wear diapers..real Wilco fans do. Kidsmoke, you gotta admit the Crossroads was way over booked & much too close for comfort. Really pissed me off. I had to fight off ninja drunks to get back to my spot during that show...even after they saw me go by once or twice. I had to pee pee for like the last hour & it really hurt ...I always let pee pee/beer runs back in their space, but not cutters.
  5. Pat does not sweat..just saying.
  6. right on...nobody owns a spot @ a show unless their ass is parked there @ all times. Doesn't sound as though you were an ass so I wouldn't worry about it.
  7. GA means elbow to elbow in small venues..but this venue was roomey. I hung back by the sound board because I got there late...& never busted myself closer to the front, that's way rude. Most shows I get there when the doors open and earn a spot. I always get a jist eye's view of who gets in at what time & who their friend's are, that way I don't take their spot when they leave for the b-room or ale run, not moving my tooshie into open pockets unless people leave....like the non-Wilco fan that leaves right before an encore. With that said, it sounds like there was still lots of room
  8. Happy Birthday Wendy! It was wonderful to meet you in Chicago sunday
  9. Red Rocks was an awesome venue! Six shows this year, this one was my last for the year...gonna miss them Have to say the best setlist this year and overall vibe of the band was 2 weeks ago @ IMU Main Lounge in Iowa City...although the venue sucked, only H2O sold and it was 200 degrees in there. I actually liked the venue in sun night in Chicago, it was roomey, sound was good, and it was a snap to use the b-room and grab an ale (8.50 a beer was BS though). I could care less about the set list...I just like to see them live, even the songs I could care less about. JT could hum for 3 hours &
  10. Annoyingly pretentious? Annoying & pretentious. Now that would have been a better thing to call...
  11. Just can't give your own thoughts on Wilco on this board w/out somone being a dick hole...number one reason I rarely visit VC. I agree on doing a few great covers live once in awhile. They did "Don't Fear The Reaper" (one of the best songs ever) during a soundcheck in KC & it was awesome. Of course it was thru a cell phone my friend held up to soundcheck, but still cool. I would love to hear a random cover from great bands at the live shows once in awhile..most great bands cover classics at some point.
  12. I was @ Farm Aid @ don't think he was annoyed by following Redneck Woman...maybe he felt some of the newbies and lesser known bands should have gone before him, but who knows. They seemed to have a blast on stage. What pissed me off is that there was very few Wilco fans there. We sat close and I felt like we were the only fans...that, and the paper the next day hardly mentioned them. No flyers around town about it..nothing. But hell, even Jeff knows the majority of Farm Aid is going to like redneck singers more than Wilco. I am not a redneck.
  13. I agree, I'm hot for Wilco more than usual, wet panties and all, cause I'm lucky enough to have seen them 3 times last week...and will see them once this coming weekend in Chicago. They most likely will remain my fav band if they continue to rock and make it easy to see them in small venues. So, don't tell anyone you know about Wilco....
  14. WTF Obama??? Why fight for health care & then fuck up our food supply even more! I support Obama but this is bullshit! Now, the Obama Administration is putting two notorious biotech bullies in charge of food safety! Former Monsanto lobbyist Michael Taylor has been appointed as a senior advisor to the Food and Drug Administration Commissioner on food safety. And, rBGH-using dairy farmer and Pennsylvania Agriculture Secretary Dennis Wolff is rumored to be President Obama's choice for Under-Secretary of Agriculture for Food Safety. Wolfe spearheaded anti-consumer legislation in Pennsylvania
  15. I'm excited to see them @ Farm Aid. What's the venue like?
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