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  1. Some good banter from Jeff when he explained that "We're not playing every song we've ever recorded. Nobody said that! We did that already!" And also, "And we never said no repeats! If that's what you want go follow some other band that only plays eight songs each night." But he did allow that repeated songs will probably be played differently (e.g., with horns). And how cool are the posters for this Winterlude!
  2. I don't remember if Jeff ever said "shitty" on the radio, but he definitely sang "fuck" during Ashes of American Flags.
  3. Those are Jeff solo shows. What about the full band? Edit: you must've caught that
  4. I thought they were great! Jason was in a very good and chatty mood. I heard the first single from their new album when it came out a couple of months ago, and will definitely seek out the album now.
  5. The guitar that Nels used on Camera was awesome. It looked like something that an '80s hair metal band would use. Jeff gave it a "Look at that!" Pat and John also had some rather unique instruments for Camera. I never thought I'd ever hear that rendition of the song, it was great.
  6. On stage at 8:43 Genevieve Tempest Don't Just Sit There Wildewoman Nothing Ordinary Go Home Until We Get There How Loud Your Heart Gets Hey, Doreen Monsters Jesus, Etc. (Wilco cover with Jeff Tweedy on lead vocals and acoustic guitar) Turn It Around (with Spencer Tweedy on drums) Encore (played acoustic in the middle of the crowd): Two of Us on the Run Strangers (The Kinks cover) Finished at 10:00
  7. Per setlist.fm: At My Window Sad and Lonely Muzzle of Bees New MadridForget the Flowers I Am Trying to Break Your Heart It's Just That Simple Impossible Germany Born Alone Laminated Cat Wishful Thinking Art of Almost Hummingbird Cinnamon Girl (with My Morning Jacket)Walken I'm the Man Who Loves You Hoodoo Voodoo
  8. More photos from night 1 in Melbourne: http://www.themusicnetwork.com/gallery/live-music-photos/live/wilco-hamer-hall-melbourne
  9. Here's the link for the "By The Way, In Conversation with Jeff Garlin" page at Earwolf.com: http://www.earwolf.com/show/by-the-way-in-conversation-with-jeff-garlin/ Only the first episode with Larry David is up right now, no idea when the Jeff Tweedy episode will be posted though.
  10. 1. Misunderstood 2. Art of Almost 3. I Might 4. Sunken Treasure 5. You Are My Face 6. Impossible Germany 7. Born Alone 8. Capitol City 9. Handshake Drugs 10. Radio Cure 11. Whole Love 12. Theologians 13. I'm Always in Love 14. Via Chicago 15. Shouldn't Be Ashamed 16. Forget the Flowers 17. Heavy Metal Drummer 18. Dawned on Me 19. Hummingbird 20. A Shot in the Arm 21. I Am Trying To Break Your Heart 22. Box Full of Letters 23. Jesus, Etc. 24. Walken 25. I'm The Man Who Loves You 26. Outtasite (outta mind) 27. Hoodoo Voodoo
  11. NZ dates announced: 5 April Wellington 6 April Auckland http://www.grooveguide.co.nz/news/music-news/842-wilco-announce-two-shows
  12. Here's a couple of reviews. LA Times: http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/music/posts/la-et-ms-wilco-joanna-newsom-hollywood-bowl-20121001,0,4547847.story LA Weekly: http://blogs.laweekly.com/westcoastsound/2012/10/wilco_joanna_newsom_-_hollywoo.php
  13. Here's a review and some great photos: http://larecord.com/photos/2012/09/30/wilco-jonathan-richman-avila-beach-golf-resort
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