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  1. I love these lists...I have to contribute (in no particular order): Bon Iver - 4/11/2008, Madison, WI | Stage DoorPhish - 6/10/12, Manchester, TN | Bonnaroo [Passes, stage seating]The Other Ones - 8/3/2002, East Troy WI | Alpine ValleyAC/DC - 3/5/1996, Milwaukee, WI | Bradley CenterAerosmith - 8/5/1994, Milwaukee, WI | Marcus Ampitheatre [FIRST SHOW EVER]Tom Petty / Pearl Jam - 6/29/2006, Milwaukee, WI | Marcus AmpitheatreFoxy Shazam - 12/30/12, Chicago | Bottom LoungeAutumn Defense - 2/21/2014, Chicago | SchubasBruce Hornsby - 8/12/2016, Eau Claire, WI | Eaux Claires Festival [played "The W
  2. Hmmm...my download still says the artist has yet to upload media to my card.
  3. Thanks for the welcome. I'm working on getting out an about in the area; gives me plenty of work to do. Thanks...and yes, Red Line all the way. It works out well, all total (from home to train > train to work) is about 20 minutes. Thanks again all.
  4. If any of you have been waiting with bated breath to discover the results of my apartment search and to which Chicago-land area I now call home, relief is here: I now live in Andersonville. A bit of a trek to my office downtown, but the time on the EL and on my feet allows ample time for reflection and music ingestion. That is all...
  5. Thoughts on the Campbell Ave/North Ave. area? Humboldt Park/Wicker Park? Going to view an apt. there this evening and I'm getting varying views on if it's a safe neighborhood.
  6. Thanks for the insight...we are finding some places but setting up walk-through's is the most irritating part. It's hard to get to CHI at a reasonable hour and waiting until the weekend sees apartments slipping from our grasp...but, we'll find something. If you catch wind of anything, feel free to drop a PM and let me know. I would be ever so grateful. Makes me want to quit my new job and head to KY...
  7. ...with so many of you in Chicago, I thought I should prod the Wilco/Chicago community for ideas/tips/opportunities. I will be working downtown on Michigan Ave., living with a currently unemployed girlfriend and our lab, Loxi. Is it possible to get by or find a place in the $1000-1200 a month range? Any comments or assistance is welcome. Thanks...
  8. After watching this I became a fan. I've been gobbling up all things LC since.
  9. Yeah, if you're doing the Doublebugg...I have no trouble getting it on when in the seats.
  10. I wouldn't call any one of Gene Simmons' appearances on film acting, but, he is listed in the credits. So, I guess that counts...
  11. I've heard similar reviews before...but, I disagree, as evidenced by my top 3 list. I went to their recent show in Madison and the latest album comes off much better live...no skimping on the volume, either.
  12. 1. Bon Iver - Bon Iver 2. Wilco - TWL 3. Megafaun - Megafaun
  13. Unless they play Steven Winwoods "Valerie," no...no covers.
  14. Geez...what a steal...props for keeping it in the "family." Wish I had some expendable cash...
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