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    Love playing guitar, reading fantasy & sci fi ....walking in the mountains of wales....bird spotting and chillin on a beach...
  1. Play a few open mics most weeks and always have lyrics with me on a stand...the fear that I'd forget, I know not very professional, but just use them as a reference.....always to the side so I can make eye contact with the crowd. If I was touring most nights maybe the lyrics would become ingrained , but when watching rock bands they always have earplugs, are these lyric prompters?. I was watching aerosmith the other night he was using an auto cue...but the performance was still great. So yeh I don't mind at all!
  2. Have a record on rotation most weeks...recently been digging summer teeth and Yankee hotel foxtrot again....so in a month about 20 hours to be exact!
  3. In the morning listen to radio on my digital portable radio ,.. Normally world service or BBC 6 music , then throughout if traveling use my iPod on shuffle, then at home use my iPad . Which through earphones is actually pretty good quality. Curious about Neil Youngs pono device, anything which replicates vinyl is good with me. I try and listen to full albums in the evening, normally through my stereo. Yep love music!
  4. Well it's just another thread with the same purpose! Hard times - Curtis Mayfield
  5. Pear...then kiwi fruit....plus all the above in a fruit salad!
  6. Musical truth by Mark Deviln....insightful look into the dark world of the music industry...other books I've read in that field and recommended are Drugs as weapons against us by John Potash....and The covert war against rock by Alex Constantine....nothing is what it seems...
  7. Yeh big fan seen them 4 times, Manchester UK 3 times and Milton Keynes in 2014....amazing live band...best was in June 2012 at Manchester arena, my mum had been diagnosed with cancer two months before and this was her last concert...she died 2 years later and with the bootleg I can relive that night. precious. Wish they would release more studio albums...but find I listen to the bootlegs more. Anyone who hasn't experienced a concert live on two legs is a good introduction , most powerful live album I've ever heard...daughter especially. Great band...
  8. Can be at festivals too...here's mine- 1) The Black Crowes-wolverhampton civic hall, UK 1997 2) AC/DC - NEC arena, Birmingham, UK 2000 3) Tinariwen -'Womad festival. UK 2002 4).Pearl Jam- Manchester arena UK 2012 5)'Oysterband - Cambridge Folk Festival 1999 6)'Reef - Chester live rooms , UK 2015 7) Rachid Taha - Womad festival 2008 8) The Wailers- Shrewsbury butter market, UK 2000 9) Tricky - Phoenix festival, UK 1995 10) Altaikai ( throat singers from Mongolia) - Womad 2008 It's in no particular order, just concerts that moved me and stayed me for a long time, haven't seen wilco live yet a
  9. Soul asylum Without a trace Closer to the stars Just like anyone Keep it up don't bother The Black Crowes Wiser time Hotel illness Soul singing No speak no slave By your side Pearl Jam Black I am mine Inside Job Rearviewmirror Not for you
  10. Love the song....locator in my interpretation relates to iOS on phones ....that's just my mad brain!
  11. Bit of country, bit of rock melody, with abstract poetic lyrics with a dash of feedback and experimental jamming....yeh that should turn them on!
  12. The first wilco album I bought was a ghost is born, and took me a while to appreciate the experimentation and now love this part of the band. I think wilco(the album) is strong and after sky blue sky (my fav) its a worthy addition to the catalogue. I like it anyway...and look forward to seeing them for the first time in Manchester UK in November.....
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