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  1. If anyone is looking to offload any tickets, I'm looking for a single for any or all nights the 6th and 7th. Thanks in advance. *** Update: I have a ticket for the 8th now since my friends need to fly out that night and can't use their pair. If anyone wants one for the 8th, the second ticket is available for sale or trade for one for the 6th or 7th.
  2. I've got a single ticket available for 4/15 since my friend can't make it. Row D Orch LC - Face was $155 with fees but I'll take Best Offer
  3. Ticket is sold to Michael. Thanks!
  4. I have an extra 3 day pass that I'm willing to unload for $75. Let me know if you're interested and we can exchange contact info to work out logistics on delivery.
  5. There's a good chance I will have an extra. I will know for sure Saturday afternoon. Do you still need one?
  6. Awesome thread. So many great stories of introduction. 1) I had a couple friends visit NYC from out of town in the late 90's and make passing comments about liking Wilco. I felt so late to the game because I finally got around to sampling YHF at a Borders listening booth in '04 or '05 (too stuck in my musical preferences to seek out new bands) and gradually started to get hooked on that album. My wife bought me Being There and Summerteeth and I then bought both Mermaid Ave. albums. It took a while for it to gain momentum. I hated Ghost is Born after checking it out in a Barnes & N
  7. The Cultural Center is a very cool space (it's a former Masonic Temple) architecturally but I'm not sure how it will handle a sold out show in terms of crowding. There won't be seating. The show is in the grand ballroom that's used for weddings and small concerts so there shouldn't be a bad "seat" in the house. You can check out the facilities on the web site at http://www.scrantonculturalcenter.org/roomoptions.html. I'm not sure of the quality of acoustics either. They will likely have a bar but don't count on food. Plenty of bars can be found downtown. It's a good drinking town.
  8. I have two tickets for Saturday in Wappinger Falls for face value ($42 each) or best offer. Respond back to this post if interested and we can arrange for handoff before the show.
  9. Beacon is a straight shot north of NYC near Newburgh. Take the NYS Thruway and then it's off I-84. It should be about an hour and a half. I don't know anything about the town other than the fact that there's a great art museum called the Dia Beacon there. It's a well regarded modern art museum. It would make a good full day trip doing both that and the Tweedy show. Who would've thought Beacon would be such a cultural mecca?
  10. It turns out I'm all set and don't need them. Thanks anyway.
  11. I'm definitely interested. I'd appreciate it if you could keep me in mind if they are available.
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