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  1. yes. It was one of the most beautiful moments of the show. A really intense version..
  2. Does Bull Black Nova gain intensity in its live version? (I mean like others songs as Via Chicago do)
  3. Any news about the first show? I'm really looking forward for the setlist!
  4. I just DO NOT feel entitled to better seats, but I paid for them. When I bought them (and I bought them paying a higher price (72€, 100$) than the most expensive ticket for the standard sale), they were being advertised as first and second rows seat stalls. Then I've been fortunate enough and received last rows in stalls, but I know of people who has received seats in balcony and last rows in the entire theater... ..and sorry for my english, it's a "work in progress" , sometimes it's hard to express yourself without knowing the subtilities of a non-native language
  5. I got 11th row seats instead of first row for Madrid (as advertised in the presale web).. But I should not complaint, as another guy who also bought tickets in the wilco presale got last rows in first floor... I know for sure this is not what any fan would expect when speaking of "wilco fan tickets presale"
  6. I have received an email from the Madrid Wilco show organization concerning the withdrawal of tickets on box office. There's a line that really worries me:
  7. Here the same, I tried to pre-order from nonesuch and it told me they don't ship to Spain I ended preordering from kung Fu, with VERY HIGH shipping cost
  8. do you think they will play new songs in the first shows in Spain and Portugal? They did not play any new song in the last shows (except for the first show, where they played two songs from WTA)
  9. I don't know, I really don't hear anything strange in that sample
  10. It doesn't sound to me like cellphone interferences at all.. Do you mean the quiet sound at the start of the sample, on the left channel?
  11. I only hope the sound quality is not too worsened because of being a single LP... Inner groove distortion can be really annoying
  12. I'll listen it as soon as soon as I get home, with my little reference system (Marantz pm6002 + Wharfedale 9.1). It really resolves any production details the albums have
  13. I'm on my iPhone headphones, so I can't really judge by now. But yes, it seems it doesn't have that warm imperfect and beautiful sound SBS had. It's strange as Wilco is one of those bands that really worry (or worried) about those details..
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